[NEWS] 120708 Dr.Jin Kim Jaejoong – Tear acting ‘Best 3’


Kim Jaejoong has become adept at tear acting.

The 3 best scenes of Kim Jaejoong’s tear acting in MBC TV’s drama Dr.Jin have become hot topic.

In the episode 13 of ‘Dr.Jin’ that was aired on July 7th, Kim Kyungtak has done great deeds in Jinjoo and got appointed with the Imperial Guard Camp. After coming back to his own room, sitting in the corner, he spotted Younghui’s sword. Kim Kyungtak clenched the sword over his chest and said, “You still slashed me with this sword in the end.” The sadness that has been weighed down on him all those times burst out, making all the viewers moved to tears.

In the meantime, Kim Jaejoong has shown his tear acting in several scenes. In episode 10, Kim Kyungtak found out that his best friend Hong Younghui was indeed the leader of Anonymous gangs, he fired a gun toward the sky and howled in pain. In episode 12, Younghui was shot by the county supervisor and fell down cliff. Witnessing that, Kim Kyungtak cried out his friend’s name in sorrow. These scenes and the one where he cried soundlessly in episode 13 were mentioned as the top 3 of tear acting.

In addition, in the press conference of Dr.Jin which was held on July 5th, Kim Jaejoong has received praise from Lee Bumsoo for his acting.

The viewers have also left many comments such as “The fact that it’s the tears of the still man Kim Kyungtak made me feel sad and a little bit bitter.” “I’ll watch every week to see Kim Jaejoong’s famous tear acting.” “His eye acting is awesome! I expect more from now on!”

Source: TV Report
Translated By: Hannah (The_little_pear)
Shared By: PrinceJJ + JYJ3


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