[SPAZZ] Kim Jaejoong vs. “Wings of Desire”

Photographer to Jaejoong: “Do you know the film <Wings of Desire>? I feel as if I watch the film, when I see you.”

The photographer is Peter Han who produced JYJ’s <Three Voices I & II> and Jaejoong’s <Intermodulation>.


The story of is that an angel falls in love with a human being, and the angel gives up his life as an angel. He viewed the world in black and white before, and he begins to view the world in color as he lives as a human being. The photographer Peter Han said that he feels as if he watches this film when he sees Jaejoong, which means he feels “the coexistence of pureness and darkness that are far from the world” from Jaejoong.

Download [Mediafire] 1.12MB

Please watch an enjoy Intermodulation Photobook here

Credit: JJ DC Gall via @126×204
Shared by: JYJ3


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