[TWITTER] 120707 Jaejoong Massive Twitter Update

[TRANS] I’m filming now. Ngs happened.. because of my pronunciation mistake.. “Let’s go to the clinic.. Jin Yihan (Dr.Jin) is waiting!”…

[TRANS] Song SeungHeon to Jaejoong: hahaha

[TRANS] Jaejoong to Song SeungHeon: It made everyone laugh! Hyung~ did you eat the meal? How could you be as you couldn’t sleep?

[TRANS] Song SeungHeon to Jaejoong: I want to sleep than eating the mealㅠㅠ You’ll also cheer up… and Fighting!^^

[TRANS] Jaejoong to Song SeungHeon: Let’s keep the steam up together^^


[TRANS] Today I’m trying my best in filming too! Hwaiiya (T/N = hwaiting I think xD) pic.twitter.com/auGakOId

[TRANS]  My hand had grown fat because of a mosquito bite at this early morning pic.twitter.com/ir1pZTkB

[TRANS] When I feel drowsy because I was up all night, I should be more energetic! (making thousands of wry faces)  pic.twitter.com/5922KHSP

++ Gifs ++



[TRANS]  If you see a distorted fact and believe it, it’s also the truth. The only one real truth is also the obvious truth. Having lived by someone, living by someone, the me who can tell this story is the real ‘me’ (@The_little_pear)

[Other TRANS] A distorted truth that’s seen and believed is truth. A one-of-a-kind, real truth is also an explicit truth. Who I lived as and who am I living as now. The me who can say these words is the real ‘me’  (@ohmyjunsu)

 [Other TRANS] If you watch and believe something distorted, it’ll be something true.
And the only real true is also an obvious fact.
I have had a lifetime as someone and I’m having a life time as someone..
It is real “me” who can tell about these things…  (@theyoungestmin)

[Other TRANS] It’s a fact if you see and believe a distorted fact. The only real truth is also the obvious truth. Who I lived as and who am I living as, I who can say all these is the real “me” (@naemaeum)


[TRANS] Song SeungHeon to Jaejoong: Thank you!! Sleep…Sleep…Snore…Hehe pic.twitter.com/ovfqWluR

[TRANS] Jaejoong to Song SeungHeon:  Why are you sleeping like that..Dr Jin’s back, cervical disk will have problem~The disk even Dr Jin would not be able to cure!

[TRANS] Song SeungHeon to Jaejoong: haha Kyungtak-kun! Dr.Jin is watching drama while filming  pic.twitter.com/OxyI5ceE

[TRANS] Jaejoong to Song SeungHeon:  Kyung Tak was filming a movie so he watched it via DMB hehe. Dr Jin was awesome~ hehe.(T/N:DMB is a kind of TV that can watch even if you’re on the move.. In Korea, it’s a main function of cellphone or navigation system..)

Source: @mjjeje + @OfficialSSH
Translated by: The_little_pear of JYJ3 + @theyoungestmin + @naemaeum + @_alovelikewar
Gifs Credit: @MegWu0312
Shared by: JYJ3


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