[VIDEO] 120629 Kim Jaejoong featured in Japanese TV “BS JAPAN”


In BS Japan program “Premium Korea Hallyu Factory” the host went to the salon where Jaejoong frequents. He sat on the chair where JJ usually sits. ^^; ”This is the chair that Jejung san uses.” (with in heaven bgm) the girl quickly sits.
He also got a haircut similar to Muwon (Protect The Boss) from JJ’s hairstylist lol.

JJ’s hairstylist said “Jaejoongie likes cooking. He had a housewarming party & cooked for us when he bought his house for the first time. The most delicious one was 갈비찜 (Beef Short Rib Stew) among his food.”
The Japanese fans then said, “I want to eat…I want to eat Jaejung’s Kalbi Jjim.” ME TOO.





Credit: hoppen68 (YT Link) + Jaejoond DC Gall (Pics)
Translated by: rubypurple_fan + 126×204 + _alovelikewar
Shared by: JYJ3

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