[Other Twitter] 120715 Jaejoong’s Sister Twitter Update


[TRANS] Jjoongie is cute~~ He called up father and mother today and told them not to watch drama (Dr. Jin) because their hearts would ache. So I thought if he’d be beaten up too much (in Dr. Jin)…

[TRANS]  I cried even twice because of Jjoogie’s look, acting and the lines today… I told Jjoongie about it and also that I had cried even before, then he said he filmed the scene quickly because they had no time. But he was able to be immersed in it! Woah~ Jjoongie… I sink into your drama without even realizing it. It’s so fun to watch Dr. Jin on time every week~ hehe.

Source: @Shie486
Translation Credit: @126×204
Shared by: JYJ3






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