[PICS + TRANS] 120719 Star Selca: Message From Dr Jin’s Jaejoong‏


The message left on the filming set by Jaejoong, who have been into the character of Kim Kyung Tak since May.

Hi everyone, I am Jaejoong who is acting as Kim Kyung Tak in Dr Jin. Everyone has been keeping up with the broadcast, right? ^^ I received a lot of energy from every viewers’ passionate attention and love. Even under such a hot summer, wearing hanbok and perspiring, I am still smiling while filming. As this is my first saeguk drama, I felt unfamiliar from the speaking tone to the costumes and hairstyle. But I adapted to it with the help from seniors. I am finally gotten used to the top knot that binds my forehead but the drama is ending soon. Such a pity~ Do love Dr Jin to the end~ I will also do my best till the end!

1) Are sideburns Kim Kyung Tak’s pride? ^^ I don’t really use the mirror while filming, but I will neatly arranged my sideburns after putting the topknot on.

2) Even for a while, the make up artists will come over with their brushes and touch up. You’ve worked hard. Applause.

3) Manager Sung Ho piggybacked me. Sung Ho ah, I am not that heavy, don’t give such a tiring look!

4) I re-realised the beauty of hanbok after filming Dr Jin. Even more handsome with the fan, right.

5) I got infatuated with horse riding recently. Every time when there’s a break, I will console the horse who had a tough time filming.

6) Though I practiced with Yoochun but wearing the top knot is still difficult. TT I’m so lucky that I don’t have to stick on moustache.

7) It’s always joyful to film with Yi Han hyung. I always wanted to laugh when I meet him.

8) Teacher Kim In Soo who is acting as my father. His own character is in fact 180 degrees opposite from the character~ I’m thankful that he’s always taking care of me.

9) This is the scene where I relayed my one-sided love for Young Rae. The mushy romantic lines aren’t really suitable to me.

Credit: isplus 1 | 2 + jaesmile
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Sharing by: JYJ3





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