[TRANS] 120711 JYJ esp Jaejoong, Thank You. from a Male Fan.

I am writing on my mobile phone while riding the subway.

I’m a male fan and I’ve known JYJ for more than two years.

My mother is suffering from depression for the last 5 years. No longer has the will to live, not much interest in things, just spent her time in her room alone.

Sense of responsibility as the eldest son, I tried to coax her to go to the gym and exercise, see cherry blossoms near the house, see fireworks.

It was not fun for her when I take her out. She shied away from people who think she has panic disorder.

One day, I was surprised to see my mother was online, spent day and night without sleep. She is reading about the conflict between DBSK and SM, and how JYJ wants to be independent of SM. She listened to their songs and seemed to have a favorable impression of JYJ. Instead of playing cards in the internet, my mother went to a JYJ internet gallery and talked to other people for the first time in so many years.

I was studying in the dorm when I received a message from my mother. “I heard about the ticket reservation for JYJ concert. I like to go no matter what”. I cried while reading the message. She finally wants to go out.
So my mother and I, through ticketing on the net cafe, was able to successfully reserve 2 R seats. We went to the Busan concert.

Until this time, we are still active fans and we even attended the fanmeeting.

I want to write this to show my appreciation to JYJ who gave my mother the vitality of life.

We also plan to go to Bum’s Story in a few days. (T/N: Jaejoong & Yuchun’s restaurant).

I hope JYJ will succeed more in the future and in a way help my mother to fully overcome her depression.

[Note: the Fan commented on his post]: I’ll post fan account after I and my mother visit Bum’s Story^^
I want to make this post public, so that people, who don’t know JYJ or were not interested in JYJ, will get to know about this!

Source: JYJ Telzone daum gallery
Translation Credit: @rubypurple_fan + @126×204
Shared by: JYJ3





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