[TRANS] A Korean Grade Schooler Becomes a Fan of Jaejoong Through Dr. Jin

A Korean grade schooler got caught spazzing over Kim Jaejoong by JJ fan ;~~; Wahahahahah! XD

This kid was spazzing over Jaejoong while posting ‘Living Like A Dream’ song and its lyrics in a grade school Naver cafe.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket


Kim Jaejoong♥♥~~~~~~
Kim Jaejoong is so cool kekeke
(but I knew him first because of Dr. Jin ;; kekeke)

*gurgles* Kim Jaejoong is the best kekekeke
His stare is entirely different from others~~~
Kim Jaejoong is “bling bling”* in the picture.
I love ‘Living Like A Dream’~

*T/N: she really said “블링 블링(bling bling)”….XD
Note: The age range of a grade schooler is 7-12 years old

Credit: DC KJJ Gallery
Translated By: Sofia (@126×204)
Shared By: JYJ3





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