[NEWS] 120724 Dr Jin’s Jack of all trades Kim Jaejoong, this time for the Olympic games?


JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s parody of the olympic games elicit laughter.

In online communities recently, pictograms of Kim Jaejoong’s character Kim Kyungtak in the MBC weekend drama Dr Jin were posted depicting several Olympic games.

Kim Kyungtak is the illegitimate son of Kim Eunsoo who has experienced a lot of pain. Hence, getting the sympathy of viewers.

Thanks to the popularity of this character with his gun shooting, horse riding, and sharp reasoning skills, an Olympic parody was created.

Kim Jaejoong has recently held a 3 hour long fanmeeting for Dr Jin in Yonsei University. He, along with 1,500 Japanese fans have made great memories.

Source: TVDaily via Nate
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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