[NEWS] 120726 MBC ‘Dr Jin’: Visual Couple’s Standard ‘TakHwi Couple’


The two men who are visuals that make female hearts flutter have appeared together on screen. The visual couple is a police officer, Kim KyungTak (Kim Jaejoong) and his best friend Hong YoungHwi (Jin Yihan). It is about the friendship between Hong YoungHwi and Kim KyungTak who is an illegitimate child, but is intelligent and exceptionally skilled in the martial arts. The relationship of ‘TakHwi Couple’ is comparable to a pair of lovers.

In the drama, Kim KyungTak promised to marry Hong YoungHwi’s sister Hong YoungRae (Park Min Young). The famous scene of the ‘TakHwi couple’ is the scene where the three of them were enjoying their time on the streets. The happy expression that Kim KyungTak showed while he held YoungHwi’s hand, thinking it was YoungRae’s hand attracted fans’ love for the ‘TakHwi couple’.

However, in the order change the world, Hong Younghwi wanted to kill Kim KyungTak’s father who was the head of the Andong Kim clan. Kim KyungTak protected his father and they became enemies. The two childhood friends that became enemies inevitably made the viewers sad.

In regards to the ‘TakHwi Couple’, a representative said, “The friendship between two men can be stronger than lovers. Even though they are in a confrontational situation, they are still worried for each other. It can be seen through the performances of the actors. So, the viewers can immerse themselves in the drama and come to love this couple.”

[Parts unrelated to Dr. Jin omitted]

Source: Nate
Photo Credit: TV Daily
Translated By: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3
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