[NEWS] 120727 Which will JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong choose on Dr. Jin? Family vs. Friendship


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong will embody his resourceful character wonderfully in a TV series.

In the July 28 episode of MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin, Kim (plays the role of Kim Kyung Tak) will have to choose one between family and friendship.

In the series, Kim worries whether he will betray his best friend Jin Yi Han (plays the role of Hong Young Hui) or not for his father Kim Eung Soo (plays the role of Kim Byung Hee). He feels lonelier than before while making difficult decision.

Kim made many female audience feel flutter by featuring the character as a cold blooded officer but simple-hearted man for a girl that he loves.

Kim, however, acted like a double spy for his family even though his life was at stake and made the series more thrilled and enjoyable.

The series will air two more additional episodes and will go off air on August 5.

Source: Starnews
Credit: en.korea
Shared by: JYJ3




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