[FAN SUPPORT] 120728 ROCKJJ For Jaejoong ‘Dr. Jin’ BBQ Support



Knowing that our Jae Joong has been busy with filming of two dramas and getting injured because of it, we were worried.

On the 28th of July, 7pm (Seoul Time), we have carried out our food support to the crew of ‘Dr Jin’ drama to show our concern to Jae Joong and at the same time, the second batch of our presents.

We are pleased to see that Jae Joong was fine.




Jae Joong ah~ We are contented to see that you are fine~~ (>_<)~~

Fragrance of the fresh BBQ meat~~ (>_<)~~ our Jae Joong liked it a lot, he had been eating since he sat down.
Seeing Jae Joong eating non stop, we felt contented.~ (>_<)~~
Jae Joong ah~ you have to take care of yourself. Eat more rice and meat ^^
Because of you, we will unleash our potential and overcome all the unforeseen circumstances!
The manager and assistant took away mineral waters, drinks and fruits even after dinner!
Initially we only wanted to prepare food for 80 pax, but to ensure sufficiency, we prepared food for 100 pax. In the end, there was only very little BBQ meat left (4 small stripes) and the snacks and drinks were all taken ^^
Seems like it’s been a long time since the crew had an awesome BBQ meal^^ They were fond of our snacks too^^
Continue to work hard after eating! ^^

Food we have prepared:
-Meats and sausages (assorted) were freshly sent to the venue at 5pm
-Other korean food like kimchi, noodles, vegetables and others (Never heard of it and eaten it before so i don’t know the names)
*T/N: This is a direct translation
Fruits: watermelon, grapes, cherry tomatoes, pears and apples

1 bottle of coffee
1 box of mochi
2 slice of cakes (different flavour)
2 chocolate pie (different flavour)
mint candy, lozenges and ROCKJJ special gifts
The cakes and mochi arrived in the afternoon, which then we started packing, freshness guaranteed^^

Mineral water: 200 bottles
Specially for Jae Joong: Evian Glass Mineral Water 2 bottles, Rose Lemon Vitamin Drink 2 bottles, Fruit flavoured mojito 10 packets


Credit: RockJJ
Translated By: kareenchan of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3





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