[NEWS] 120801 Kim Jae Joong Endures Sweltering Heat While Filming for ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

Kim Jae Joong isn’t letting the Korean summer heat get in the way of his acting.

Kim Jae Joong is being commended by the film crew of his current MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin for his spirit after filming in the over-36 degree Celsius temperatures outdoors such as on July 31.

Despite the intense heat which caused those just standing on set to break into a sweat, Kim Jae Joong wore his full combat uniform, down to knee protectors and successfully filmed his fight scenes without issue.

The singer/actor has continued to film his scenes without protest or tiring and is fighting the heat by taking cover in an umbrella tent in between takes, wearing two layers of a sleeveless shirt which is made to absorb and quickly dry sweat and attaching cool sheets to his body.

Kim Jae Joong shared on filming in the heat saying, “Just swinging my sword a few times makes my entire body sweat as though rain has fallen on me but it has helped me to express the feelings of heartbreak in the fight scenes better. Focusing on the production, I’ve come to forget the heat.”

Photo credit: C-Jes Entertainment
K News: ReviewStar

[NEWS] 120801 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong beats the heat by performing hard

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, who appears on a TV series, recently talked about how he beats the heat.

On July 31, MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin recorded a fighting scene in the 36 degree Celsius weather. Kim, who plays the role of an officer, had to wear a battle uniform made out of cotton, and had to shoot the scene for a long time.

A spokesperson for the series says, “Since Kim is an officer, he has to do rehearsals with the other action actors for about one or two hours so he can make the scene look real. It’s hard to stand still in this hot weather but he didn’t rest while he checked his movements and performed the scene perfectly.”

Kim’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, says, “He is fighting against the heat in a historical series uniform. He has an ice box, ice pack, big fan, and small portable electric fan, but they are not that helpful.”

As a result, staff members al have various ideas for beating the heat. They made a small tent to make shade and wore two layers of sleeveless shirts to absorb sweat fast and put a cool sheet on their skin to get rid of sweat and feel cool.

Kim says, “I sweat a lot even I just swing my sword a few times. But I think it helps me to portray the desperation in the battle scenes. Since I’m so into this series and shooting the battle scene so hard, I forgot about the hot weather.”

The series only has two episodes left, set for this weekend.

Source: TV Report
Credit: En.Korea

Pic Credit: @_126mm
Shared by: JYJ3





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