[NEWS] 120803 How are the Father and son in ‘Dr Jin’- Kim Eungsoo, Kim Jaejoong like on set?



The tragic police officer, Kim KyungTak (Kim Jaejoong) showed the cute youngest son look on set of MBC’s weekend special drama, Dr Jin.

Kim KyungTak was seen showing aegyo (charm) to his father Kim ByungHee (Kim Eungsoo) in the pictures that were released on Aug. 3. The atmosphere showed the strong relationship between a father and son.

Kim Jaejoong made the father and son relationship stand out by showing his arm to his father, Kim Eungsoo while acting like a baby. Kim Eungsoo revealed a worried and sad expression in the picture, showing their perfect harmony in acting. During the interval, Kim Jaejoong was seen attempting to be mischievous by looking at the senior actor, Kim Eungsoo with a cute expression. Kim Jaejoong was showing a look of the youngest son that received a lot of love from his father.

Kim Jaejoong is acting as Kim KyungTak in the drama, who gradually meets his cruel fate after being hurt by his lover. Although his role as Kim KyungTak made many viewers sad, Kim Jaejoong gains unparalleled popularity from his actor colleagues and staff in reality.

A staff from Dr Jin said: “Kim Jaejoong is well-known for his manners and sincere attitude towards his actor colleagues and staff. In particular, his relationship with Kim Eungsoo is like a real father and son. There will be a dramatic scene that leads to high tension until the end of the drama. We hope that you will love and support the father and son, Kim Eungsoo-Kim Jaejoong.”

Meanwhile, there are only two more episodes left to the end of Dr Jin. They will focus on the impending war that is caused by the large-scale persecution of the Catholics and a last crisis.


Source: Nate
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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