[NEWS] 120804 ‘Dr Jin’ Kim Jaejoong – 40 hours of continuous filming in the intense heat, almost fainted during the crying scene


Kim Jaejoong did a 40-hour continuous filming in the sweltering heat.

Kim Jaejoong, who receives love for his role as Kim KyungTak in MBC’s weekend drama, Dr Jin, finished a 40-hour continuous filming and a crying scene in the filming schedule safely.

Kim Jaejoong’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment said: “As the broadcast of the last two episodes are around the corner, Kim Jaejoong had to film all night. His crying performance was impressive in an emotional scene with Kim ByungHee (Kim Eungsoo).”

C-JeS Entertainment also said: “There are war scenes in episode 21 and 22 so all the actors and staff have to endure the outdoor filming. Kim Jaejoong didn’t lose his concentration and completely devoted himself to each scene.”

Till now, Kim KyungTak has been mistreated for being an illegitimate son. He sincerely works hard to win his father’s heart and gain recognition as a member of the family. The drama will show a heartrending scene of Kim ByungHee and Kim KyungTak.

There are also rumors that there will be a dramatic sad scene that portray Kim Jaejoong’s sincerity and unconditional longing for his father’s heart.

A representive who was on set, said: “Kim KyungTak is a character who has received the viewer’s love and support. Although the scene was very important for the character and the filming was strenuous, we made a scene where Kim Jaejoong could concentrate well. He cried wholeheartedly and even though filming for the scene was over, he couldn’t pull himself together and continued crying. He cried so much that we were afraid that he might faint.”

Kim Jaejoong said: “It was very sad. Even after the scene was over, tears continued to fall. I was deeply immersed in the thought that I was really Kim KyungTak. The actors and staff are all giving their best in filming and I hope that you will look forward to the remaining two episodes.”

Meanwhile, the preview of episode 21 showed an impending invasion and a scene where by Kim KyungTak was shot by an arrow, causing viewers’ increasing tension. The episode will be shown on Aug. 4, 9.50pm*.

(T/N: Episode 21 will not be shown on Aug. 4 due to London Olympics.)

Source: Newsen
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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