[NEWS] 120806 Dr Jin Kim Jaejoong’s Crying Storm Broke Prejudice Against Idols’ Acting



Dr Jin Kim Jaejoong’s crying storm is popular among the viewers.

The 21st episode of MBC weekend drama Dr Jin which was aired on the 5th showed the final power struggle between Lee Haeun (Lee Beomsoo) and Kim Byunghee (Kim Eunsoo) with Kim Kyungtak (Kim Jaejoong) in the middle of the crisis.

Kim Kyungtak who acts as a double agent for Lee Haeun and his father Kim Byungee, drew sadness from viewers. But victory was achieved by Lee Haeun due to the betrayal of Kim Daegyun (Kim Myungsoo).

Kim Kyungtak to his father, “Please live differently. Go back to the hometown where my mother is buried and spend the rest of your life there comfortably”, he pleaded. Byunghee, giving a faint smile to Kyungtak, shot himself with a gun after.

Byunghee until his imminent death said to Kyungtak, “Live for yourself now.” after Kyungtak admitted that he is the main reason why he is still alive. Kyungtak, who for the first time held his father with his two hands showing his loyalty towards his father until the end. Kyungtak held his father in his arms until he died.

Kim Jaejoong’s earnest tears captivated the attention of the viewers. He even was shot by an arrow and was not fully recovered when he went to his father. Eyes filled with tears, he lost everything, especially his father who is his reason for living. After his father has shot himself and fell into his arms, Kim Jaejoong’s crying storm with tears pouring relentlessly, caught the hearts of the viewers.

Kim Jaejoong, who until now has been undervalued and trapped against the prejudice of idol group members’ acting, has made a big leap towards being an actor by being a part of ‘Dr Jin’. Although the drama itself did not get a huge result,the amazing acting and growth of Kim Jaejoong as an actor is appreciated by viewers.

After the episode, netizens commented, “he was able to put so much into his character”, “so sad”, “Kim Kyungtak who stood by his father during crisis and trails is touching”, and “very impressive”.

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Source : TV Daily via Nate
Translated by: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
Shared by : JYJ3
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