[VIDEO] 120805 “Dr. Jin” Episode 21 – Jaejoong Cuts


KT to YH: I don’t care if I got used by my father. Whether it’s right or wrong is not impt. I went to the house holding my father’s hand.
KT to YR: You want to help me now? YR: I know I killed you with words over and over again and give you emotional scars that can’t be treated
YR to KT: I want to treat your physical wound. Please give me a chance.
KT to YR (during the operation): Do not give me anesthesia. I’m a warrior. and I don’t want to lose my mind in front of you.
YR: is it really okay? KT: I’m fine
KT to YR: You became a great doctor. I used to want this doctor to stand by me


KT to his dad: Shall I end the life of brother? Dad: too late. Haeun already came. I’m better dead. KT: Please live.
Dad: Why do you still say that even if I use and treat you like a dog? KT: Father, you are my only reason to live.
KT: Please go back to our hometown and spend the rest of your life there. Dad: (takes KT’s gun) Please shoot me.
Dad: Your chest is warm. KT: Dad! Dad! T__T
Dad to KT: Now, learn to live for yourself and not for anyone
(KT’s dad called him Kyungtak-ah for the first time.)

Vid Credit: jaef126
Translation Credit: @rubypurple_fan
Shared by: JYJ3





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