[INTERVIEW] 120808 My Daily: Kim Jaejoong “I was Introduced to a girl, but she is an idol group killer”

[Interview] Kim Jaejoong, “Introduced to a girl, but who is an idol group killer” (Interview③)

I was very surprised by Kim Jaejoong, he said so much honestly without second thought. The manager from C-Jes looked very nervous while watching Jaejoong talk. He didn’t know how to lie, nor does he sound too formal or distant. I think this Jaejoong is far more charming, and he even talked a lot about things that his fans wouldn’t know.

– Did you feel burdensome when filming with the famous sunbae Kim Eunsoo in MBC’s ‘Dr. Jin’?
Burdensome? Not at all. Dad is really nice to me, and watching his facial expression really makes me more immersed with the characters. There were also a lot of expressions and lines that were added on the spot. They were all products of watching dad’s expression. (T/N: Jaejoong refers to Kim Eunsoo as Dad.)

– Why was there so much saliva during your crying scene?
Haha, we also brought this up during yesterday’s staff dinner to celebrate the end of filming. To be honest, there was a lot of saliva, but a lot of sweat, tears, snot and saliva were all mixed together. Ha, there were many reasons, at the time I didn’t sleep for a few days nor did I eat well, the set was very hot. While I was watching dad, immersing myself with the scene, my emotions for dad exploded at that moment, and all that could flow out of my body was flowing out! Haha.”

– I heard you gave Kim Eunsoo whiskey?
Because he really loves alcohol. During our first filming, he said, “it would be great if I can have a glass of whiskey during such a hot day.” And I answered, “I will give you a bottle in the future,” so I prepared a bottle to gift him.

– Kim Eunsoo seems to like a lot of things?
Dad usually cannot hide his love for anything, he will voice his love whenever he feels it. Kim Eunsoo-sunbae originally had a 2G cell phone, and always said while sitting next to me, “my cell phone never has any signal and I can’t contact with you…sigh…”or “I heard someone was going to buy me a cellphone, but I have no idea when that will be happening…” He said these words to me about thrice each, so I immediately went and ordered a smart phone. Even though he never said this in front of me, but I heard that he was showing off his new phone, “So this is a smartphone~ It’s 4G too~” and goes on the internet. I knew he didn’t know how to download apps, so I downloaded them for him.

– You really like interacting with sunbaes?
Sunbaes said one thing before, “when actors first begin to act, they cannot be disliked by people who they act with.” I didn’t especially tried to fawn the sunbaes, but I thought it’s basic courtesy to be on the set first, not slacking off, and regardless of whether if I could act or not, I need to let everyone see that I am working hard and trying.

– Did Kim Eunsoo-sunbae criticize your acting?
He would never do that, he respects every actor and actress’s acting. If someone couldn’t act very well, he would think that it is due to the lack of experience and find ways to make that actor’s acting shine more. He would never say things like “you should act this way…”

– Everyone recommends you and Jin Yihan for the Best Couple Award?
It’s like this every time. Compared to female actresses, I always get paired up with male actors. Best Couple Awards? Of course I would receive it gratefully.

– People say you look like Robert Pattinson?
Oh, I heard about that before. Do we really look alike? He is a westerner and I am of eastern descent, I don’t think we could look really alike.

– When compared with Park Yoochun, who is better at acting?
Yoochun and I are very different. Yoochun is someone who has strength underneath his tender looks, so you can see his tenderness and firmness in his acting. If Yoochun play Kim Kyungtak and I attempt Lee Gak, it would be very unfitting. I think it’s great that the two of us with very different characteristics are in the same group.

– Is your look really handsome?
No, I think I look unique, if that.

– Then who is the most handsome?
Junsu has the best looks. In fact, we have a lot of individual fans in JYJ, and the characteristics of our fans are all very clear. Junsu and Yoochun’s charisma are very different from mine, and Junsu possesses everything I don’t.

– What is your charisma then?
I think there are two parts to it. If we go to another country, the international fans would generally recognize me first, perhaps because my looks are rather unique so they would fan me first. However, the fans that stay by my side in the end are generally not because of my looks but due to my personality that is exact opposite from my looks. My appearance may look like someone who lacks courtesy, but I really am a good young man.

– What is Kim Jaejoong’s belief?
It is very similar to that of Kyungtak’s. I will protect that things I want to protect with all I have. The tattoo on my left chest says Always Keep the Faith, meaning that I want to protect my beliefs. A person’s biggest fear is to lose what he already has. If I lost everything I own, I would still keep my faith. Because I was very fearful that I would lose everything, so I tattooed it on my body and every time I feel myself weakened I would gain strength by looking at it.

– Do you have dreams that you want to achieve?
Not right now, but there are a lot I want to challenge. I really enjoy situation under pressure and love when challenging new things. It would be boring if I can get what I want easily every time.

– Which one is more important? Singing or acting?
This is a difficult question. But as I grow older, my voice will also age, and by that point I don’t think I could keep following the popular music trend. But in terms of acting, when I become middle-aged, there are middle-aged roles that I can play, so I want to keep acting. I wouldn’t know what my music will become in 30 years, but I will probably still be singing then.

– Are there any directors you would like to work with?
I really liked Lee Jaehan diector’s “A Moment to Remember”. And I wrote Junsu’s ‘No Gain’ after watching the movie. There was a line “The room in my heart is getting smaller and smaller”, it was written while watching the movie.

– Plans for military enlistment?
I will go when I should go.

– Any other plans?
I want to take on another drama before the end of this year. I also want to be in a relationship, if anyone wants to introduce girls to me, I want to try too.

– Have you been introduced to girls?
There were twice, but I didn’t end up starting relationship with them. Later on, I knew that one of the girls that I met was an idol group killer who dated a lot of boys in famous idol groups. She was very pretty, had a great personality and was also very rich, but after hearing about her relationships with the opposite gender I didn’t contact her again. Friendship is very important to me. She also dated some of my close friends.

– What is your ideal type?
I don’t really know, I probably will know after meeting more girls. Because I don’t want to just date or have a relationship, but I want to find someone who belongs to me, someone whom could become my woman. However, I don’t want a girl like Youngrae, but rather someone like Younghwi who only cares about me. If Younghwi isn’t just a friend but a woman it would be great. When I was younger I put a lot of focus on girls’ appearance, but looks are really not that important. The person inside is what counts.

Source: My Daily via Nate
Korean to Chinese Trans: W of JYJ台灣粉絲同樂會
Chinese to English Trans: G.fanns of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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