[INTERVIEW] 120809 Kim Jae Joong Says Young Hwi is More Like His Ideal Type

Kim Jae Joong dished on his ideal type, and it’s not Young Rae of Dr. Jin.

The singer-turned-actor, who finished filming for the MBC drama Dr. Jin and is enjoying his time off, recently met with enews and said, “I want to date someone. I don’t want to just date, I want to date someone that can be mine, my girl.”

In Dr. Jin, Kim Jae Joong has been making his viewers fall in love with him as a man who loves only one woman, namely, Young Rae (Park Min Young).

His role is also close friends with Young Rae’s big brother, Young Hwi (Jin Yi Han), but some viewers, to everyone’s amusement, have actually been saying that he goes well with Young Hwi more than Young Rae.

Kim Jae Joong knew of the reactions, and said, “I always have weird chemistry. I go better with actors than actresses….”

When asked about his real ideal type, he became serious and emphasized, “I don’t like Young Rae. I want someone who has eyes for me. Someone who thinks only of me like Young Hwi…. If he was a woman, not a same-sex friend, I mean. I used to care a lot for looks when I was little, but I don’t think looks are that important. What’s inside is more important.”

The final episode of Dr. Jin, which will show the last of Kim Jae Joong’s character Kim Kyung Tak, will air on August 11.

Kim Jae Joong in the meantime plans to meet with officials in L.A. with his fellow JYJ members, and spend his vacation there.

Korean News: Enews24 via Nate
Shared by: JYJ3





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