[MEDIA REVIEW] 120812 Young stars who make Dr Jin, Park Min Young and Kim Jaejoong


Kim Jaejoong starred in Dr Jin as Kim KyungTak and he received favorable reviews from the viewers for his ability to make the drama come to life.

Kim Eungsoo from the Andong clan in the Joseon Dynasty was Kim KyungTak’s father, but he could only call him My Lord as he was an illegitimate son. He was a character that failed to win the affection of his first love/fiancée, Young Rae (Park Min Young).

He was also a sad and ill-fated character who reformed the devastated country by wrecking his family and turning against his best friend, Young Hwi (Jin Yihan).

Although this was his first historical drama challenge, he showed acting that was compatible to the genre. In particular, the character’s whole-hearted devotion for a woman received the viewers’ strong support.

As the drama continued, the viewers began to be attached to Kim KyungTak. He was seen as a character who spoke firmly and looked tough on the outside, but was soft-hearted on the insideOne of the highlights of the drama was the tears that flowed because of his destiny to cross swords with his best friend.

Dr Jin gave JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong an opportunity to establish himself as an actor.

We give the young stars in their 20s, Park Min Young and Kim Jaejoong an applause for their enthusiasm and hard work in all the 20 episodes of Dr Jin over the past three months.

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Source: Heraldbiz via Nate
Translation Credit: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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