[NEWS] 120808 JYJ’s Jaejoong shares his thoughts on potentially winning a newcomer award for “Dr. Jin”



Although JYJ’s Jaejoong has already been a singer in the entertainment industry for nine years, he is still relatively new to the world of acting. In fact, his most recent drama, “Dr. Jin,” is only his second drama project and first historical drama. However, despite having not had much experience with acting, Jaejoong still impressed viewers with his outstanding portrayal of his complex character in “Dr. Jin.”

As a result, because of his impressive acting, Jaejoong has become a favorite in winning the newcomer award at the MBC drama awards ceremony later this year. When asked to share his thoughts on possibly winning the award, he said, “Well, if I win the award, I will feel really honored, but if I don’t win the award, I will still continue to work hard at acting. But I still want to receive the award if possible because an actor only has one shot at winning a newcomer award in his entire career.”

Jaejoong was also asked what he would do if he wins the award, to which he answered, “If I win, I will donate money to help renovate the subway stations near my fans’ homes! Actually, I’m just joking. But seriously, if I receive the award, I will stand up on stage, raise my hands, do the victory sign, and shout ‘Thank you!’”

With viewers already recognizing his acting skills in “Dr. Jin,” Jaejoong may have a good chance of receiving the newcomer award, and if he does, fans may look forward to a cute victory pose from the oustanding singer and actor.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Credit: koreaboo
Shared By: JYJ3






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