[NEWS] 120811 ‘Dr. Jin’ Kim Eungsoo: “After I Committed Suicide, Tears Automatically Came Out Because of Kim Jaejoong’s Sob” (Interview)


YJ3 Note: Kim EungSoo is a veteran and respected Korean Actor. He worked in several movies and TV Dramas link

“The moment he called me ‘Father’, I entirely sank into the scene.”

In a recent interview with Newsen, Kim Eungsoo revealed, “Kim Byunghee knew that his associates have betrayed him. Thinking about that humiliation, he could absolutely not live. While being alone in the room, he already decided to kill himself. And deep down, he wanted Kim Kyungtak to come.”

Kim Eungsoo recalled the moment that he got immersed maximum into the emotions. He explained, “When we shot that scene, the filming set was like a steamer. The staffs have stayed up 3 nights and Jaejoong was in panic condition. Actually, there was no time for us to prepare our mind. Our body was already exhausted and our costumes were wet because of the sweat. We were in unstable state.”

“In fact, I couldn’t immerse myself into the scene. But the moment Jaejoong held me and called me ‘Father’, I entirely sank into it. Then I got immersed into the scene. ‘How shocked Kyungtak can be when father is dying in his arms?’ When Jaejoong who was playing Kim Kyungtak cried out of sorrow, I had that feeling even though my eyes were closed. I unknowingly fall into the emotion and my tears flowed. When I said ‘It’s warm to be in your arms’, my tears automatically came out.”

Kim Eungsoo praised Kim Jaejoong who was able to elicit his inner side, “Well and truly, an actor must be able to act. In the work flow, there are several scenes which are like a big mountain. If you want to be loved by the viewers, you must overcome that big mountain. As for that, Jaejoong did very well. Jaejoong has well expressed when the acting skill was really needed and when something was needed so be showed.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translation by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ






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