[TRANS] 120815 Finding Traces of KyungTakie in Korean Folk Village


Something feels very different from the telecast episodes.
Is it the effect that makes things on television look better than in real life? Although it may not be the effect, this is the right place!


The first place that we saw is ByungHee’s house. This is the place where our KyungTakie’s only family members live and it is also the place where his family who hurt him and made him anxious in his whole life lives. This is the yard where KyungTakie was emotionally hurt again and again..

The weather was very good while we were at the folk village so please understand the overexposed photographs.

PhotobucketThis is the place where Kyungtakie who was wearing the Korean traditional wedding attire, met Dr. Jin.


After leaving ByungHee’s house, you will see this place immediately.
Somehow, we think that this is where KyungTak rests during break times so we took a photograph. ㅋㅋ


Do you all know where is this?
This is the place where KyungTakie proposed to YoungRae again, after she broke off their engagement :ㅁ:


This is the bridge from ByungHee’s house to YoungRae’s house!
KyungTakie must have wanted to cross this bridge a dozen times a day.


You will immediately know this place right?
The house of YoungRae – the woman KyungTak loves. Actually, we had a very hard time finding this house. ㅠㅠ But, we had the will to ask around until we find it!!


The yard in YoungRae’s house, a place where you feel like sitting back and relax.

The main gate to YoungRae’s house

Do you remember the scene where KyungTak gave YoungRae a written list of household matters?
Actually, it was unclear in the drama because there were computer-generated (CG) effects!


This is the house where KyungTakie lived with his mother. It is close to ByungHee’s house so it is easy for KyungTakie to look for him.
The time that KyungTakie spent in this house is probably the happiest time in his life.


Flowers that are blooming in the vegetable garden in baby KyungTakie’s house. Did KyungTakie look at these flowers too?


We were hungry after the tour and we were wondering what we should eat. We went to a restaurant and asked the boss if Jaejoongie has ever visited it.


On the autograph: Pu Bu Ma Tang*! I enjoyed the meal very much~!
*name of the restaurant

We heard that Jaejoongie always eats modum dubu (assorted bean curd) if he comes here!

We asked if Jaejoongie has a designated seat and we even got permission to take a photograph of it. @@


So, we ordered the food that Jaejoongie orders frequently!


This is the main dish!!
The side dishes were also good and the stew was good.

In the photo: Ah~ Try it!

Although we tried looking for the places, we are very sad that we did not show the photographs of places that we are uncertain of.

It will be fun to gather other fans and visit the places together~

This is the end of our finding traces of KyungTakie tour Part 1.
All the photographs are taken in the Korea Folk Village!

Credit : bemyjaejae
Translated by : Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by : JYJ3






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