[FANACCOUNT] 120816 JYJ in Los Angeles Airport

Aug 16, 2012 – a miracle occurred in Los Angeles International Airport!!

To all JYJ Japanese fans, I was able to tell directly to Jaejoong “I went to the Hitachinaka live!! Thank you for coming to Japan!!” ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ Jaejoong smiled/laughed!!

If you want to know what happened, please read on but it is a little long!!

This day was absolutely unforgettable for me~!!

Even when I’m happy, even when I’m having a hard time, JYJ’s music helped and saved me a lot all the time. I knew of course that the JYJ I love came to LA where I currently live. Although I can roughly guess the arrival time based on Jaejoong’s tweet, I can’t take time off work, I go to work that day in tears, I just saw their arrival photos. Although we’re in the same city, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I can meet them…I regret not coming every single day…I have known what time my love JYJ will come… I knew my love Jaejoong’s departure from twitter and I said to myself that I will greet him. My once in a lifetime to possibly meet him was gone… I missed it and it’s my fault…_| ̄|○

To JYJ, I might just be an annoying fan, but listening to Jaejoong singing has helped me so much…I want to see Jaejoong!! I don’t want to regret this for the rest of my life!!

I missed my chance once…I want to know when Jaejoong will leave…I’m really hoping so, the idea was good.

That feeling of regret was growing bigger everyday. I was silent I can’t start! But I don’t know where JYJ are or what JYJ are doing, or when they are going back to Korea, I had no idea what time their flight will be. I think I should definitely come to the airport one day only, then changed my mind, I decided to go to the airport everyday after work. After work, I go to the airport before I go home, sitting on a chair while looking at people walking to the airport.

Maybe he took another flight during lunchtime while I was at work… or take the flight tomorrow… even if I wasn’t able to meet him since I came to America, I did my best and try not to have regrets at that time. So I said to myself, I will just go look from 7pm to 10 pm.

On the 3rd day, around 9:30 pm, I was ready to give up waiting. Will JYJ come or not… I was tired because of work, I was hungry as well, I asked myself what are you doing here…my parking fee is getting expensive, not seeing JYJ must mean… they must have taken another flight while I was at work.. I should go home and let go of that dream.. I’ve changed my mind. I would leave after waiting for 10 minutes.

I’ve seen many people sitting on a bench. Seems like people that are excited to go on a trip. But there are lonely people who came to see their loved ones off. The airport is a place where if there are 100 people, there are also 100 stories. I laughed and cried at the airport many times since coming to America. I saw this restless Asian man, walking back and forth, left to right in front of the entrance, sometimes sitting in front of me, as if waiting for someone. There were many times that we look at each other. I guess this person must be waiting for someone important. At that time, I have such a light feeling, because that man is still waiting, I will wait too. I think in my mind if he can wait I can too.

I will wait for 10 more minutes before going…I decided, I started taking pictures in the airport with a camera. Maybe as a memento of the trip?? The moment I had been distracted by that person, Jaejoong went to where I was sitting on a bench…Σ(・□・;)


In front of me, dressed in a pink and white hoodie is Jaejoong! I stood up quickly and went behind the check in counter. I can also see Junsu and Yoochun up close. They looked good! Thump thump my heart is pounding so loud! There was no fan around, only staff were there in the check in counter.

This is really happening! I want to go near, I can’t go alone…Ehh?! I’m the only fan?! But I can see lots of fans in airport photos all the time! What should I do on my own~ Σ(・□・;)

The Asian man I saw earlier is now talking to Jaejoong! Who’s that man?! Other people began to notice me hiding behind the counter, I was just watching them quietly check in. Seems like the staff knew I was there, I saw them smiling at each other. The airline personnel asked me in English “Are they famous??” I can see the 3 saying goodbye, hugging and exchanging mobile numbers with the staff.

Yoochun is the first to proceed at the counter, while Junsu hurriedly made a phone call to someone. You must have surely wanted to say goodbye to someone.

Junsu seems really like he was in a hurry. Junsu walked away at a quick pace while on his phone. Yoochun finished checking in and was talking to the staff while walking towards me. Kya! Yoochun is in front of me! I can see the tattoo on his right ankle! Yoochun, you’re here~! (Sorry Yoochun fans) While Yoochun is in front of me, I was looking at Jaejoong’s back since he’s the one checking in at the counter then. I saw Junsu came back and caught a glimpse of him.

What was strange, I am standing close to the staff and just looked at me for about 3 times in puzzlement, Junsu has no sunglasses. (Sorry Junsu fans) Jaejoong was done checking in and began to walking towards a staff. Kyaaaa!!!!! He was going somewhere with the man! Uh oh! I have to go now!

“Excuse me, I’m a fan! Can I get an autograph??” Jaejoong please
Time stood still…Jaejoong took the paper and pen from me, then signed his autograph

My love Jaejoong is willing to sign it for me!! I’m speechless!! Jaejoong spoke while signing for about 5,6 seconds. But I do not remember what he said, my heart is pounding too much,

“I went to the Hitachinaka live!! Thank you for coming to Japan!! Good luck, we support you!!”

While he was signing, I can’t clearly see Jaejoong’s face. Seems like I was speaking to the paper. Then I heard Jaejoong laugh.

Kyaaaaa!!! Jaejoong’s breath!!!

I said thank you after he signed. I have said thank you many times. Jaejoong bowed and started walking away. I saw a female fan also asking for an autograph. One of the photographers had started taking pictures. There were no other fans aside from me and the woman.

One of the staff spoke to me “You’re very lucky that you got Jaejoong’s signature. But why do you have that paper?” “Ah, that is…” “Just in case?” “Yes yes, just in case”. I could not say I have been waiting for 3 days.

I wasn’t ready to walk alone in the airport anymore. Where should I go… What to do with this excitement… My heart continues to thump thump.. I was talking to myself in English when I noticed that there were big men with good physique standing near.. It’s security.

Security: “Anyone who is a celebrity here??”

Me: “3 people – 2 men wearing black cap and a guy wearing a pink hoodie. They are famous singers in Korea, and they are also popular in Japan. I’m super excited now coz I was able to get an autograph”

Security: “Wow, famous singer in Korea. Did you take a photo together?”

Me: “Can’t take pictures properly awhile ago. Impossible to take photo”

Security: “It’s funny. I can’t believe you didn’t take photos. You should have taken a photo coz you waited for so long.”

Me: “It’s impossible. No chance.”

I almost stopped the security and asked if they can help me take photo with JYJ.. Whew~. I do not have the heart.

Me: “Is it okay that I suddenly talked to you?”

Security: “It’s fine. I’m a police officer.”

Me: “are you police?”

Police officers who are guarding LAX that are willing to take photos for me, thank you for trying. Police has gone somewhere to be busy but somehow I think it’s funny. (laughs) I suddenly saw the woman again who got an autograph and we shared the excitement with each other. Was talking to her when JYJ and their staff passed by. JYJ was still behind the wall where we are standing! They were reluctant to say goodbye and hugged everyone. After a while, they passed us and went in.

My first impulse

“Jaejoong!” I shouted with a loud voice and waved my hand, he smiled and bowed.

Kyaaaa!!!!! Jaejoong laughed at me!!

I saw the striped tank top underneath his hoodie. I will never forget that smile.

The 3 have been giving farewell hugs to their staff,

Jaejoong made the sarang (heart/love) pose (pose that you make a heart by putting your hands on top of your head) to everyone. Jaejoong’s love made me teary eyed. So kind-hearted. It surely must have been a good team that they worked with in LA. The staff was reluctant to leave. The three walked towards the baggage inspection. And JYJ gradually disappeared.

Hands trembling from excitement and stomach full of butterflies, I wonder how I got home? (laughs)Since I finally settled down after a few days, I finally made a report that I was able to say thank you to Jaejoong for coming to Japan, I decided to write a blog entry so I could keep this feeling as a memory. I think that even if I wasn’t able to meet JYJ when they arrived in LA, I was really lucky that day. I wanted to convey the gratitude as a Japan fan at that time..Isn’t it funny that I said thank you for coming to Japan while I’m in the US? and hearing JJ laugh at me (laughs) JYJ’s music has helped me until now. I would give my best to support as a fan from the US. I have that one sheet as my treasure. Along with the photo of Jaejoong I got from my best friend (^_^)

Thank you so much from reading until the end.

PS Oh that Asian man who walked back and forth in front of me was Mr Egg (laughs)

Source: welcomehello (@icantlivewithou)
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan
Shared by: JYJ3





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