[VID] 120819 Jaejoong rapping “Anneyonghase yo~~KimJaejoong ie yo~” + MarioKart Event Tweets

Jaejoong rapping “Anneyonghase yo~~KimJaejoong ie yo~”

Other tweets:

  • Yuchun said Jaejoong is so hyper today and smile a lot more than usual. Jaejoong answered “I drank Rubus Coreanus Drink so much yesterday because I was jet-legged. I’m still having hangover..”, then fans burst out laughing. XD  (T/N: ”rubus coreanus extract” just like raspberry extract not alcohol) – @126×204
  • Jaejoong is too much hyper today XD Jaejoong said “Ya, what car did you choose?” to a fangirl XD LMAO (Ya = “hey” in Korean) – @126×204
  • JJ to male fan: Are you friends with Junsu?:

Jaejoong: When we played the first game, that guy… Hey, may I ask how old you are?
The guy: 27 years old.
Junsu: Oh, 27 years old the same age(as me)!
(T/N: too much hyperness~ rofl XD)

  • Jaejoong was calling the guy who won first place to ask about game manuals, but he wasn’t answering XD then JJ called him “Ajusshi!!” LOL – @126×204
  • [TRANS] Jaejoong got sulky because…
    Jaejoong: Excuse me~ Hey Number 4.. Pla.. number 4.. Player number 4? Mr. player number 4
    Yuchun: Please stay still~!
    MC: Oh~ what is happening on stage~?!
    Jaejoong: Excuse me, player number 4..
    *still no answer from the guy*
    Jaejoong: Ajusshi…;;;
    *fans burst out laughing*
    Jaejoong: Hey, isn’t it that? Isn’t the booster key Y, is it?
    MC: Hey, are you asking about the game manuals?
    *still no answer from the guy*
    Jaejoong: He’s not teaching me ㅡ.ㅡ Daebak;;
    rofl. rofl. rofl. XDDDDDDDDDDD
    (T/N: Ajusshi = middle aged man in Korean LOL!) @126X204

    • Another female contestant went up & they said hello to her. She said she’s a JS fan so JS gave her a hug!!  JJ said he wants to give her a hug too but he smells like the fruit wine LOL!!!! YC died laughing xDDDD – @ohmyjunsu
    • JJ is more focused on amusing the fans rather than playing the game lol. – @rubypurple_fan
    • Jaejoong is so excited and keeps on claiming that he’s “Oppa” XD then YC told him to stop acting cute/charming & Junsu also said he’s weird today  – @126×204

    [TRANS] Fan: “Jaejoongie Oppa-yo~” /

    JJ: “Ha~, Am I oppa? Yeah, Oppa ya~” /
    YC: Stop acting cute! /
    JS: so weird today haha  – @126×204

    • JJ: “I hope y’all win, especially you *pointing to a grade-schooler boy* I really want you to win (laughs, like Eu Heung Heung~)”  – @126×204
    • Jaejoong keeps talking to the grade-schooler boy “Hey, are you not picked?”  – @126×204
    • Jaejoong keeps talking to the gradeschooler boy “What’s your number?”, “I want to pick you at any cost”, “You look like Ddingddong” etc etc (T/N: For those who wonder what “Ddingddong” is Link)  – @126×204
    • This time, JYJ chose partners by lottery to have a game together. Jaejoong picked a little boy and Jaejoong lifted him on stage XD – @126×204
    • He is the gradeschooler boy that Jaejoong asked “Where is your home” LMAO  (pic via DC) – @126×204

    • Yoochun and junsu are on one team, and jaejoong is a team with the fans. but the fan next to jaejoong keeps crying while looking at him><, because she’s so overwhelmed to be next to him T_T – @xiahjungoo
    • JJ on losing: “I want our opponent to be happy” lol. JJ kept on laughing… he said to his team “dont mind dont mind” –  @rubypurple_fan
    • A fan who got picked by lottery said she’s from Dangsan(name of a place), and Jaejoong played on words “Dangshin from Dangsan”. (Dangshin is “You” in Korean ^^) and fans laughed so hard. And Yuchun told Jaejoong “I guess your situation is being updated on Twitter right now” LOLOLOL yes, Chunnie you’re right!! LOL  – @126×204
    • LOL Junsu put his finger in front of JJ’s eyes (like a test by a doctor) to see if JJ is okay. Even JS thinks something is wrong… XD – @ohmyjunsu
    • Because of soft lighting on stage, fans can’t see clearly so JJ came forward so they can see –  @rubypurple_fan
    • LOL!!! JJ said his clothes are a bit too ‘racy/erotic’ so he’s gonna go fix up and come back!! Originally the clothes JJ was wearing was supposed to be JS’s outfit, but since it was so racy JS chose a diff outfit and JJ took JS’s LOL! – @ohmyjunsu
    • While filming the Nintendo CF, YC was focusing on the cameraman and didn’t see that JJ fell over in his chair. XD – @ohmyjunsu
    • JJ asked the male winner of the Mario Kart rounds how old he is. The male fan is 27, JJ asked “Are you friends with JS?” (JS also 27 XD) – @ohmyjunsu
    • JYJ was surprised that there are fans who call them “oppa” today (it mean there are younger fans ^^) . Jaejoong asked the guy who won first place how old he is, then he said “27″ and JYJ got surprised again, then Jaejoong asked “Oh, are you Junsu’s friend?” XD  – @126×204
    • A Japanese fan got picked (by lottery) and Jaejoong interprets Japanese into Korean ^^ yeah cool man lol  – @126×204
    • JJ’s last words: “Let’s meet again next time” in informal speech ^_^ – @ohmyjunsu
    • JJ said in the middle he tried to ‘straighten his mind’ but he didn’t want to. He said he had a good time – @ohmyjunsu

    Translation Credit: @ohmyjunsu, @126×204, @rubypurple_fan
    Pics and Video Credit: as tagged + Nintendo Korea FB + xiahella
    Shared By:
     JYJ3 + PrinceJJ





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