[TWITTER] 120824 Jaejoong Twitter Update, Part 2


[TRANS] We were like this.. the hot guys in the Haewoondae pic.twitter.com/u5ZnFQWM



[TRANS] Just like last year.. the Aquarium is mysterious.. pic.twitter.com/uyeT4mZC



Yihan: ㅋㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/kg2v7kfnj

[TRANS] JJ: Hey, Younghui, I think it’s too cute, isn’t it~



Yihan: Hey, Kyoungtak… I’m so shyㅠㅋㅋ

JJ: I think I’ll never forget the memories that we made pic.twitter.com/M1fA4nZC


[TRANS] It makes us embarrassed, but it can’t be helped.. The WORLD!!! is already changed. pic.twitter.com/CFYYPIZE



Yihan: I also had a very good time, Kongtak.. But!! the typhoon is…
(I think Kongtak is the cute version of Kyoungtak..ㅋㅋ
Korean people like to make and to call his or her close friend’s name of cute version like nickname..
For example.. Korean fans and even JJ, YC also like to call Junsu as Jungoo..ㅋㅋ)

JJ: Ko… Kongtak… Okay, I see Ddaenghui..
(Ddaenghui is also the cute version of Younghui..)



Yihan: Ddae.. Ddaenghui????.. Sor… Sorry, Kyoungtak…

JJ: I’m.. just okay.. the heaven is not already on my side.. Photobucket


Yihan: What are you going to do in Busan…? Go back with me.. my friend, Go back…ㅠㅠ

JJ: He.. hey… did you already have drinks? You had too many typos..Photobucket


Yihan: I’m sorry about typos. Hey my friend, what are you doing in Busan? Go back with me.. Let’s go back…!!
(Originally, Friend is 친구(chinggu) in Korean, but Yihan wrote 틴구(tinggu))

JJ: Uhuh, what… Did you call me ti.. ti.. ti.. tinggu? Hey, guys!! Listen to my order.. Tie him up right now,..!ㅜPhotobucket


Yihan: What is 랔?! Huhuh,, We are very close friends, aren’t we? So respect each other… You’re ‘the Gangnam style’, aren’t you? “Kongtak is Gyangnam style”
(A compound word ‘랔’ is formed from the word ‘the ending of a word ‘~라” and ‘ㅋㅋ’ (sound of giggle))

JJ: Busan is located in Kyoungnam-province, isn’t it? So.. you are “Oppa is Kyoungnam style”

Yihan: I think the horse dance is the best to your horse at your home?!


[TRANS] Lonely Ddaenghui.. http://t.co/kSGE89sC



[TRANS] Kkongtak who got over the loneliness.. http://t.co/JBO2GSpt



[TRANS] Are you comfortable?!!! Kkongtak-i!!! http://t.co/uSHAeU3t

Credit : @mjjeje + @YiHan_Jin
Translated by : @theyoungestmin
Shared by  : JYJ3





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