[TWITTER] 120831 Jaejoong With His Nieces ^O^

[TRANS] Kim Jaejoong: night night (=sleep well) our baby^^


[TRANS] Kim Su Young (JJ’s 8th sister) : With our family members~~Happy holiday~~Hehehe The uncle likes Hyunah, but she keeps bouncing away… Seohyun (T/N: the niece Jaejoong tweeted link) likes her uncle and.the uncle also likes Seohyun hehe Cute..hehe

[TRANS] Kim Suk Jin (JJ’s 4th Sister): Uncle, please play with me (Hyun-ah) too. I (Hyun-ah) like uncle too..

[TRANS] Kim Su Joung:  (Jaejoong) is struggling … Between Jjoongie Hyunah and Seohyunie .. Cute ~ ~ ^ ^ Hehe in the end .. What will be Jjoongie’s choice?!?

[TRANS] Kim Su Young to Kim Suk Jin: hehehe now slowly..getting angry..Cute…heheheHyunah glare~~~Ddiriririri..

Credit: @mjjeje, @kkjj4, @shie486
Translated by: @126×204, @naemaeum
Shared by: JYJ3





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