[INFO] 120831 WorldclassJJ and Herose’s “You’ve Worked Hard, Kim Jaejoong” Fan Support


Summary/Trans of Fanproject

Hello. This is the Prickly Noonas of Herose.

The time of the typhoon has approached here.

But through it all we wanted to make a report of our support project so all those who participated can see.

Because Jaejoong left a big impression as Dr. Jin’s Kim KyungTak and gave us all great happiness during the long heat wave in the summer, we wanted to say thank you to him.

We wanted to give Jaejoong gifts so that he could feel the hearts of his millions of fans.

Though we were  a bit worried about finding special gifts that could be as wonderful as his role as KyungTak. But we worked hard to present these.

We had ordered the gifts to be picked up on the 28th, which was the day the typhoon started ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ

In the early morning we set out in our car to pick up the gift packaging, go to the shop to get the fruits we ordered the day before, and get packaging from the department stores.

Fortunately, the typhoon was mild in the morning, so we did not have any problems with the delivery of all the items to us, but we made sure to pack everything in thick plastic in case the rain grew later.

Through this hurricane, we were worried about delivering all the gifts without getting them wet.

Fortunately, we were able to take everything through the rain without wetting anything.

So, even through the hurricane, the support project advanced successfully.

I’m sure you’re wondering what gifts we gave?

1. Horse Lamp

(This horse lamp is from a very famous Italian designer whose works have even appeared on the television before. It was a nice stand and we knew that it would be suited for Jaejoong as soon as we looked at it. Because of size problems, we first obtained Jaejoong’s opinion on the lamp before we purchased it. The people who delivered the lamp said that Jaejoong had such a cute and happy expression upon seeing it.)

2. Brompton Folding Bike

(with elephant bike bells ^^)

3. Magis Prouce Couch

(This is a familiar couch, right? We all saw photos of it during the time Jaejoong shot for the Maison interior design magazine. We heard that the couch was co-sponsored by the company for the photoshoot only. But Jaejoong was particularly fond of the sofa so we decided to buy it for him along with the lamp.)

4. Gong Jin Dan (Traditional Herbal Medcine)

5. Snack Platter for Jaejoong

6. Propolis Toothpaste and Throat Protection Medicines

(Proplois throat medicines are the best kind to use. The sprays are easy to use, even when chatting on a mobile phone ^^ To protect his throat after filming for so long, we gave him the gift set which also included toothpastes for him to use.)

7. Fruit Basket

8. Gifts for Jaejoong’s mother and father

(We prepared gifts for Jaejoong to take home with him when he goes to meet his mother and father. For their prolonged health, we packed some traditional herbal medicines for his father and some healthy dried mushrooms and mulberries for his mother).

Sources: WorldclassJJ + Herose
Summarized by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ






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