[RUMOR] 120906 JYJ’s Jaejoong is rumored to come to Indonesia?

YJ’s Jaejoong is rumored to come to Indonesia on November 3 2012.

A Korean news entertainment website based in Indonesia, Hallyu Café, was attending Tim Hwang’s press conference and it tweeted a picture of Jaejoong’s banner on September 6 and along with the picture, it texted, “Hello, the MJ’s Admin is at Tim Hwang’s press conference. There’s a coming soon artist! Guess who is it?”

The banner itself only shows us the picture of Jaejoong and a text saying, “Coming soon 3 November 2012”. It’s not cleared about the purpose of the banner, whether it’s a Jaejoong’s fan meeting or JYJ’s concert.

In the picture, beside Jaejoong’s banner there’s an official banner of Tim Hwang’s concert in Indonesia on September 29. So, it’s clear that it’s neither a fan made nor fake banner.

One of the promoters in Indonesia, Sound Rhythm, tweeted at the same day and asking its followers, “#justasking Who’s your favorite JYJ members?”

People began to speculate about it because they thought that Sound Rhythm is too “obvious” regarding the rumor.

It’s not confirmed yet but we will figure it out and keep waiting for the official statement from CJes.

Credit: En.Korea
Shared by: JYJ3





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