[TRANS] 120902 Movie Week Magazine – Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Here Comes Jackal’‏

To place the term ‘Actor’ in front of Kim Jaejoong’s name was a bit unbelieving at first. The handsome features and the almost perfect performances on stage, his overwhelming charisma is able to capture the audiences within minutes. Perhaps you might have mistaken ‘Hero Jaejoong’ is all what Kim Jaejoong can offer. Thinking of the look of the real-life Kim Jaejoong with his poised standing, it gave a indescribable extraordinary feeling. Collaborating with other actors is also a problem. Will he able to put down his strong presence while standing among them and will he be able to digest the character naturally? The most curious of all is, ‘how far does Kim Jaejoong intend to walk on this acting route?’

Acting, is something one had to leave his shame away and to meet abruptly with a side of oneself that one has not realised before. It is a thing that needs a lot of determination. Drama ‘Protect The Boss’ is the immediate answer to these doubts. (As his first drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ is a Japanese drama , thus it will not be discussed here.) Acting as the chaebol successor Cha Mu Won, he was somehow stiff though it was unsure where went wrong. But as he started to indulge in Cha Mu Won’s charm, Kim Jaejoong’s expression starts to become even more gentle. As an actor, Kim Jaejoong is still filled with charisma as the ‘Hero Jaejoong’ on stage. The uncertain accent and enunciation during the first half of the drama gradually stabilised and gained its own piece of success. Most importantly, he as a new actor, showed that he really did his best effort. In the recently ended saeguk drama ‘Dr Jin’, Kim Jaejoong perfectly completed his own share of work.

As an actor and as a singer, his images are very different. Rather than being extrovert, he displayed the controlling of his feelings. Therefore at times, he might seems unstable. But he is certainly moving forward. Up till now, though all his characters are leading roles but it can be said that they were “supporting roles of leading roles’ standard”. Therefore, to review his success on acting based on these two dramas, it might be too early for a verdict.

Kim Jaejoong’s official leading role is his role in comedy film, ‘Here Comes Jackal’. He is acting as ‘Cho Hyun’, a perfectionist idol star. In fact he is a bit ‘blur’ and is a charming character. Kim Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo’s collaboration is as though a table tennis match where they work with each other to and fro. How these scenes developed will become the important points of this film. If he can even do well in a comedy, his acting genre will perhaps be expanded once more.

In ‘Dr Jin’, in the scene where he whimpered and shouted, ‘Please stay alive’ to his dying father, it seems as though he became the character. That crying scene led the viewers in awe.

“No matter what it is, in the beginning, the most important aspect is honesty. One has to prepare the basics then think about moving forward to gain something else. This should be the correct way. Therefore no matter when, I want to prepare a lot more earlier and a lot more things. Additionally, to remove the title of ‘Kim Jaejoong’ and not be afraid of getting into the character. Naturally, I will be able to act well. In ‘Here Comes Jackal’, firstly, I leave behind the title ‘Kim Jaejoong’. This is the most basic and the most difficult. Then I analysed the character. Rather than drawing out the acting skills within me, as I am still a piece of white paper, I focused on observing and learning from the seniors. Therefore at the filming site, be it be joking with the seniors, I will listened well. And gradually the ambition to be better.” – Kim Jaejoong

Source: Movie Week Magazine via www.kimjaejoongbar.com
Pics Credit: jaef126
Translation Credit: rachui@sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: JYJ3





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