[TRANS] 120908 Jin YiHan mentions Jaejoong in his interview

Very candid, like Kim Jaejoong, he is a person who can win people’s favor. That’s why they have become close.

“We’re close since long ago. I used to have a prejudice against young singers. However, having met Jaejoong privately, I found him different [from what I thought]. He has good manners and is very nice to everyone. Since I like that kind of personality, we exchanged contacts and immediately befriended. I was very happy that we met again in ‘Dr.Jin’.”

Although Jin Yihan and Kim Jaejoong are radically close friends, they have become closer while filming ‘Dr. Jin’. The two have taken a one-day trip to the sea together. After that, their photos gathered so much attention that it became hot online searching keyword.

(Parts unrelated to Jaejoong are omitted.)

SourceTV Daily via Nate
Translation by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared byPrinceJJ





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