[NEWS] 120913 Jin Yihan’s recent interview talks about Kim Jaejoong

[NEWS] 120913 Jin Yihan’s interview: Frequent drinking party with ‘younger brother’ Kim Jaejoong

Through ‘Dr. Jin’, Jin Yihan’s acting skill got recognized and he also got along a ‘younger brother’. Jin Yihan said that seeing Kim Jaejoong who has worked with him, he wanted to take care of him. Therefore, they often met and spent time together after ‘Dr. Jin’ ended.

“I have same O-type blood with Jaejoong and our personalities match. Above all, maybe because he has debuted at young age, his thoughts are more mature in comparison to his age.  I’m the kind of person that put great stress on the manners when I look at people. In case of Jaejoong, manners are in his blood.”

In addition, thanks to Jaejoong, Jin Yihan’s drinking capacity has likely increased a lot. Jin Yihan said while laughing, “My drinking capacity which was two glasses has now increased to half bottle. I think I got to know the pleasure of ‘getting drunk’ now.”

Credit: Sports Donga
Translated by Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by PrinceJJ





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