[INFO] 120919 “Jackal is Coming” to be promoted in BIFF Guidebook

* BIFF = Busan International Film Festival
* Lotte (to be exact, Lotte Shopping & Lotte Entertainment) is the film distributor of ‘Jackal Is Coming’ and Lotte Cinema is one of its subsidiaries.

Lotte Cinema is now showing BIFF advertisement before movie starts. The advertisement is about that there will be a full size poster of ‘Jackal Is Coming’ inside the BIFF guidebook. haha.

BIFF is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. And BIFF guidebook introduces the visitors from all over the world about its schedule. So, this is a big promotion for ‘Jackal Is Coming’ ^_^

(It doesn’t mean BIFF will screen ‘Jackal Is Coming’ and technically it can’t, because there is a big 1 month gap between BIFF and the release date of the movie ^^)

Source: JYJ Telzone
Translated by: Sofia (@126×204)
Shared By: JYJ3





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