[TWITTER] 120922 Jaejoong Twitter Update


[TRANS] Brownie, bite! pic.twitter.com/bbcla4HM

[T/N]: JJ’s tweet came from Mrs. Jung of ‘Gag Concert’…The episode name is ‘Mrs.Jung’. Its main character’s name is Mrs.Jung. She is always with big dog doll that’s named ‘Brownie’. When she faced some embarrassing situations, she tells him like this “Brownie, bite him!” It’s one of the most popular part in [Gag Concert] these days.. Picture link (Cr: @theyoungestmin)





[TRANS] Are you jealous (brownie)? pic.twitter.com/eeB8Jxty

[T/N]:  Jaejoong’s tweet is like a play on words. Brownie and Bu-reo-oo-ni (=”Envy?” in Korean). Haha. (Cr. @126×204)

[TRANS] Cats win pic.twitter.com/xgA1GxkA

Source: mjjeje
Image: ayano_jyj
Translated By: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3





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