[TRANS] 121003 Chinese Magazine ‘Pure Korean Entertainment’ – Jaejoong and JYJ


Its not too much to say that the group that Kim Jae Joong belongs to – JYJ, can sing, do variety and act.
In < Dr Jin >’s press conference, Kim Jae Joong said modestly that “In JYJ, I consider my acting skills to be the worst.” When the reporter asked him to give his own acting a score, he replied ” The score is not given by me, I couldn’t give myself a score. *smiles* The gentle sentimental Yoo Chun and the emotions that I convey are very different and can’t be compared. “

Those who are feel that he only drew upon his super idol star popularity to become an actor, is actually kind of prejudiced. More so as he comes from an idol background, Jae Joong is actually under more pressure to bear harsher scrutiny on his acting and face more challenges. That day, Kim Jae Joong expressed hopes for himself to become a better actor, to be able to grow from various challenges to become an actor who can connect well with audiences.

“It doesn’t help me to only do the things I am good at doing. I hope I can do a better job at acting similar roles, and even if I get hated by the audience I hope to try new roles.”

Jae Joong does not wish to only act characters close to his own personality nor depend on his idol popularity for his projects, even though he will not face derision for such choices. As for his following projects, Jae Joong displayed a fierce determination, he said ” Even though I would like to try romantic comedies again, I would very much like to challenge horror genre with psycho-like roles. “

Even though he is very busy with his singing and acting activities, the 27 yr old Jae Joong is at the right age for love and romance. But being a worldwide beloved idol, it is not easy to openly date someone.
“I’m worried that fans will be hurt. My fans who are for and against this seems to be 50-50. Some fans post on forums saying ‘ Hope that Jae Joong will date this type of woman’, I feel that such fans are so cool. But there are also fans who will be hurt if I go open with a relationship. In my 20s I probably will not openly date, but perhaps I will reconsider in my 30s. *smiles* “

Jae Joong’s deep love for his niece

“My beautiful niece, please grow up beautifully!” Jae Joong’s wonderful photo with his niece, brings a warm smile to our faces.
Jae Joong kisses little baby’s cheek, and chubby little baby’s cute look back at Jae Joong, like she is looking at her father.
“Grow up as cute as your uncle.. ” “Her uncle is JYJ?” “She’s too cute. No wonder Jae Joong loves her so much! “

US LA Trip – Why?

Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jun Su travelled to LA, USA.
This trip is for JYJ’s next album’s preparations and to meet the collaborators over there.
Other than meetings, the rest of the time – because of dramas and musicals etc individual solo activities that has exhausted the busy JYJ members – they will finally be able to take a rare vacation together.

After Jae Joong’s part in MBC’s weekend drama “Dr Jin” concludes, Park Yoo Chun will be considering his next project and before Jun su’s Asia Tour’s last stop in Hong Kong [ ** extra note 26 Aug 12 ** ] , there will be a small window of around 10 days where the members will be free.

“JYJ and Kanye West’s collaborates with the worldwide album starting World Tour as the goal”. Production of the worldwide album will center around US, therefore there will be constant meetings with local music artists, at the same time, JYJ’s World Tour will also invite directly these music collaborators. [ Translator´s note: to be honest I don’t understand the phrase describing who they are meeting with, its sounds like administrators, but in the context I can’t be certain. ]

Source: Chinese Magazine ‘Pure Korean Entertainment’
Translation Credit / Tip:  JYJLove
Shared by: JYJ3





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