[FAN ACCOUNT] 121005 Kim Jaejoong at BIFF 2012


Jihyo sang a song first, then fans screamed that they want JJ’s song too. So, the MC said they shouldn’t request JJ’s song for free since JJ is a real singer. haha! And Jaejoong cutely joked and said he is expensive~ x’D Finally, Jaejoong tried to sing a song, but he forgot the lyrics and said “Uh, how to sing this?” then he sang a bit of Living Like A Dream.

ㅡfrom JJ fan’s fanaccount in JJ DC Gall

Translated by: Sofia (@126×204)

FANACCOUNT 2: Cute fan encounter in Busan (BIFF)

I just left 7/11 (convenience store), the cashier is a middle-aged, 50+ year-old man.
After knowing I am Chinese, he enthusiastically asked me “are you here to attend BIFF too? which actor do you like?”
I thought to myself, judging by your age, i doubt you’d know him. -_-
“Kim Jaejoong”
The man’s reaction was huge “Kim Jaejoong again!”
I was shocked “you know him too?”
The man was smug “he’s extremely popular! i knew from before that he’s an outstanding singer. My wife and 3 daughters are fond of Muwon and Kyungtak, and the foreigners i met these past few days have frequently brought up Jaejoong!”

P.S. the 2 foreigners waiting in line behind me were here to see Jaejoong too ^_^

Credit: Jaejee_吾儿汉江风流小白龙
Translated by: Min @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: JYJ3





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