[INFO/VID] 121008 Kim Jaejoong’s Popularity at BIFF 2012

12-10-08 Jaejoong featured on the main page of DAUM BIFF section (Cr: @worldclassjj, @huyu1216)

12-10-08 According to BIFF special by Mnet Entertainment news, Jaejoong stayed on the second highest floor at the hotel. The highest one was for Jang Dong-geon. It says the higher floor, the more important .
This chart shows the more important, the higher floor and better views at hotel. Jaejoong was on the second highest. ^^ (Cr: @worldclassjj, jaejoong860126)

This Video shown a restaurant where Jackal team had dinner+ Hotel rooms that rookies, just stars, and top stars (Jaejoong) stayed. (Cr: @126×204)

12-10-07 Non-fan photographer: ”JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s popularity was..*trembles* Thanks to that, my pictures are crappy. Everybody was standing up and stepping to the front” (Cr: http://toodur2.tistory.com/431 via @126×204)

12-10-05 As expect of Kim Jaejoong, yesterday after the red carpet, his name appeared continuously on the top 10 real-time searching keywork ranking of Nate. ‘Kim Jaejoong’ was #1 Nate. ‘Kim Jaejoong Song Jihyo’ was #1 Nate and Daum. (Cr: ejanews via @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ)

12-10-05 If you type 부산국제영화제 (Busan International Film Festival) as search key-work on Naver, 김재중 (Kim Jaejoong) is the first artist name that appears as suggestion among the events names. (Cr: ejanewsvia @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ)

12-10-04 Jaejoong topping Japanese Twitter (Cr: JJ DC Gall)

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