[NON-FAN ACCOUNT] 121009 Kim Jaejoong at BIFF 2012 – Kim Jaejoong That I Saw With My Own Eyes, The Star is The Star After All

I came to Haeundae Busan where the International Film Festival was held. Rather than seeing the actors/actresses with my own eyes, I wanted to watch the greeting stage more. Friday, there were many greeting stages Haeundae. In order to see Kim Jaejoong, many female fans were there very early.

The greeting stage of <Code name: Jackal> was at 5:40pm but people were there since 4:00pm.

I watched the greeting stage of <Cold War> then went somewhere. When I came back (to <Code name: Jackal> greeting stage), there were more and more people. Therefore, I couldn’t stand in the front rows but had to stand in the back view of the stage and could only see the behind of the actors.

Because of the fans’ scream, I couldn’t hear what they said. I mean, the atmosphere there was very pleasant.

Kim Jaejoong in real life looks exactly like what I saw in TV

He was laughing. I wonder what he was talking about.

Kim Jaejoong has very delicate features.

I want to say that he has all the reasons for young girls to like him.

My niece likes these boys (JYJ) a lot.

So, I sent her a message.

“Uncle came to Haeundae. Kim Jaejoong also came.”

“Did you see him?????????? Did you take pictures!!!????????????”

“I did but there are so many people here, the pictures don’t come out well. Want it?”

“What did he say? What did he do????”

During the interview, he turned around to greet the fans who were at the back side. It’s Kim Jaejoong’s carefulness. He’s really a star.

As time went by, more people came; the venue was filled with people.

90% of the people gathering here were women.

Photo time.

As expected of Kim Jaejoong, the star is the star after all. The scale is different.

Jang Geunsuk that I saw last year was also great but the female fans of Kim Jaejoong outshone in their attitude.

Credit: Blog Daum
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ + JYJ3


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