[NEWS] 121015 “Jackal is Coming” Showcase Faces Emergency Due Hallyu Star Kim Jaejoong’s High Popularity

The staff of the movie ‘The Jackal is Coming’ has experienced the immense popularity of Hallyu Star Kim Jaejoong.

The filmmakers had to suspend volunteers from sending in flower and rice wreaths to the [showcase] location after inquiries kept pouring in. The showcase is to be held on the 16thin the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

Officials for the movie have stated “Starting a month ago we were inundated with wreath inquires from Hallyu Star Kim Jaejoong’s domestic fanclubs as well as fans from Japan, China and other overseas countries. The amount of support wreaths that the fanclubs wanted to send ended up being too great. And though we were grateful to receive so much attention, we had to decline the offers because they were not able to meet the dimension specifications [of the venue].”

The Samsung Blue Square, where the showcase will be held on the 16th, is a briefing venue that has 1000 seats. Because it is a smaller space, and a large amount of fans want to attend, the staff is paying special attention in order to fight congestion problems. Guard personnel will be deployed in the venue in order to help control the crowds, keep the fans safe, and check for any fake press outlets trying to get inside the showcase.

“The Jackal is Coming” starring Kim Jaejoong and Song JiHyo is a film about a killer who kidnaps Korea’s most popular star, and it is expected to be one of the top releases of November.

Source: Sports Seoul
Translated by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ

The showcase will be held today (October 16th), the time for Jackal showcase changed to 20:00PM due to actors’ schedules.
The press report conference will start at 6pm, in less than 20 minutes from now^^ After this, there’ll be a showcase that fans can attend (8:00pm) [Cr: 126×204]


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