[NEWS] 121016 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong reveals, “I want to shoot a horror movie for my next piece.”


YJ’s Kim Jae Joong, who recently shot his first movie, revealed that he wants to act for a horror movie for his next piece.

On the press conference of the movie, Jackal Is Coming, that was held at Blue Square on the afternoon of October 16, Kim revealed, “I was very much attracted to acting in a movie during my first time shooting for one, because I felt I can really put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into the complicated yet dense process of making the film into a high quality work. I really would like to shoot for another movie. Director Bae Hyung Joon asked me, ‘How about shooting another movie instead of a TV series?’ so I would like to challenge myself to a whole new genre like horror.”

Director Bae praised Kim, “You will be able to tell that Kim Jae Joong is an excellent actor if you see him on the big screen.”

Song Ji Hyo, who also co-starred with Kim complimented him, “He was shooting another TV series during the shooting of Jackal Is Coming. It must have been hard physically and mentally, but he gave it all he’s got. I really thought positively about him throughout the whole shooting.”

Kim played the role of a handsome K-pop star Choi Hyun. Choi shows off his wits by lying himself into a fake singer after getting kidnapped by the killer, Bong Min Jung(played by Song Ji Hyo.)

The movie, Jackal is Coming that director Bae Hyung Joon who also directed, Don’t Trust Her, and Boys Don’t Cry held the megaphone will premiere on November.

Source: Xportsnews
Credit: En.Korea
Shared by: JYJ3

Article: allkpop


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