[TRANS] 121016 Parts from the Interview in “Jackal is Coming” Press Conference

Jaejoong and Ji Hyo’s words:
JJ: “If I could be a killer who can kidnap someone, I have so many people who I want to do.
It’s because I have so many people who I like.
If I have a woman who I love, and if she doesn’t want to marry me or doesn’t want to date with me…
I think.. perhaps I’ll want to kidnap her.
Honestly, I’d really like to fall in love with someone who I love even if I’m doing like that….”

JH: “I had many scenes that I play with a knife because I’m a killer in this movie,
Actually, I dropped it to JJ when we were shooting..
I was acting as an awkward killer.. and I’m also a little bit careless in real life.”

JJ: “There’s a scene like this…
She played with a knife.. But she missed and dropped it.. and then it stuck in my crotch..
If she had a mistake, I couldn’t get married… Honestly, I was afraid of her who played with a knife, but I was okay because she practised a lot..”

Bae Hyungjun(Director)’s words:
“Actually, it was so hard to cast ‘Choi Hyun’ who Jaejoong plays..
And I was greedy to work with someone famous and popular because I’m a director..
So I suggested this role to some actors but they refused..
The reason why I chose Jaejoong is.. I think I have some know how that I can take out some potentials that rookie actors have..
Compared Jaejoong with Kang Dongwon… (He worked with him…)
Dongwon is very delicate when he is acting.. But Jaejoong is very impressive..
I think Jaejoong feels the acting than to express in detail..
He has so much passion about the acting..
He never works roughly even if he did very small thing..
I think.. although he has only a few filmography.. but he has taken many things since he started to work in this industry..”

Translated by: theyoungestmin (123)
Shared by: JYJ3


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