[TWITTER] 121020 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Deleted tweet —> [TRANS] In a while later meet with gourd-shaped*~^^ (T/N: *referring to his hairstyle)

[TRANS] Soon meet up with gourd-shaped/Bagaji~~ (T/N: usually this hairstyle referred as bowl or coconut shaped)

[The origin of JJ’s new hairstyle’s name][Common sense about Korean culture]  by @theyoungestmin

He called his hair as a large bowl(바가지). It is the name of his new hairstyle..
Why Korean ppl call it like this is.. long ago, for a few decades, Korea had a very hard time since the Korean war.. there was no hair salon or something.. And almost of kids couldn’t cut their hair in the hair salon.
Of course, they had no money to cut their kids’ hair in the hair salon..
So they were cut their hair by their mother at home.
Mothers didn’t have any skills of cutting hair so they started to cut their children’s hair with putting on a large bowl on their children’s heads.. following the line of a large bowl..
That’s why he called his new hair like this..

Of course, nowadays, almost of kids are cut their hair by hair designer in the hair salon..^^

Source: @mjjeje
Translated by: @neonoenjena
Shared by: JYJ3


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