[FAN ACCOUNT] 121103 Compilation of Tweets from Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • During the presscon they explained that Jaejoong is really sick. Doctor forbid him to go but he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Inside venue pic.twitter.com/GIWZIvdy  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • It’s about to start.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • There was a commotion. People were moving to the front seats including kitty  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Starting. Slide show of gorgeous JJ  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • MC and translator is out.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • OMG Jaejoong was from emergency room before he flew to Jakarta!!! But he doesnt want to disappoint us!!  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • MC asked us to scream Kim Jae Joong  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Jaejoong is on the stage!!  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • He’s wearing greenish sweater. White shirt. Black skinny  (via @KJJ_INA)

  • He looks pale :( he has an apology letter for us. He has a fever :(   (via @KJJ_INA)
  • He looks sad when host read the letter. pic.twitter.com/eVUTg7c8  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • He’s typing his answers on his ipad pic.twitter.com/wFLJQTE2 (via @rubypurple_fan)

  • Jaejoong is answering the questions using iPad. He is not talking at all (via @sundaymandarin)
  • And Jaejoong is smiling again… Jaejoong is jealous to us because we can say words, but he can’t. He is so sad (via @sundaymandarin)
  • Seems that Jaejoong can do everything, is there anything he couldn’t do? He typed that he can’t talk right now (via @sundaymandarin)
  • Mc said a lot of fans ask him to protect Kim Jae Joong.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Ah he’s typing his answer on iPad. He can’t talk at all.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • He types too fast lol. (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • It’s weird that he writes only few but his translator talks too long lol (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • And he deletes too fast! Lol. Getting a stiff neck trying to read his answer lol (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • Jackal is coming trailer  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • While trailer is playing host is discussing with JJ and he is typing on iPad.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Whenever the light falls on him he looks glowing :D   (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Please tell something about Choi hyun’s character  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • JJ said he doesnt think he was a top star but in the story he was portrayed as a top star. Oh JJ you’re too humble.
  • MC asked if anyone wants to be the iPad pressed by him LOL (via @KJJ_INA)
  • He said its hard to communicate via iPad. He feels bad. It’s ok Jaejoong!!  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • How he felt during the BIFF red carpet. Omg he looks so cute when he smiles.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • He said he was nervous. But as an actor it was his first time on the red carpet.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • JJ is watching Dr Jin highlight. He’s sitting on red sofa and looked behind.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • 5 favorite scene Dr Jin. Pointing the gun scene. Oh god he keeps licking his lips. GAH  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • LOL JJ said this is the most talkative MC he ever met xD  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • 4th favorite scene. Watching the screen intently.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • MC asked him what’s his weakness pic.twitter.com/TyznkCli  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • He said at the moment is he can’t talk TT  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • MC asked if he want to sacrifice himself for the girl he loves. He said depends on the girl LOL  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Oh God soooooooo cuteeeeeee!!! pic.twitter.com/Tn8k9c2o  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • MC asked if he is close with his father.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • JJ said when he was little he was a bit afraid of his dad. Kind of straight. But now they’re like best friends.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • JJ’s father is strict but he spoiled him also lol. They are quite close now  ( via @rubypurple_fan)
  • MC: Jaejoong believe in love at first sight or not? JJ: he doesnt believe in it. He needs time.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • MC: ever experience love at shooting location?? JJ: not at all  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • LOL mc such a troll. He asked maybe not with the actress. JJ laughed. He said he fell in love with a staff once!!!!
  • Because at the time the staff was working very hard but very happily. pic.twitter.com/HQgzYfV4  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • MC asked if he ever experience triangle love. Jaejoong laughed!! Lol Question is skipped :D DD pic.twitter.com/2jkxRoKj  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Oh he had one. He was involved with a love triangle once. He plainly said Yes. He wrote on his ipad ^_________^ ( via @rubypurple_fan)
  • MC asked if JJ loves to drink, Jaejoong said he likes alcohol (via @sundaymandarin)
  • There is 1 kissing scene in his film ‘Jackal is Coming’ ! (via @sundaymandarin)
  • JJ was supposed to sing a song Living in a dream. But he can’t sing. So we are singing it for him.  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Sad face that he cant even face the audience ( via @rubypurple_fan)
  • Bowed so deeply after fans sang the song. ( via @rubypurple_fan)
  • JJ is now standing alone at the stage. Watching the MV.pic.twitter.com/PKkgrxgj  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Our video with @ROCKJJAE thank you!!!! (via @KJJ_INA)
  • His eyes… Say a lot. pic.twitter.com/9UEobede (via @KJJ_INA)

  • Thank you so much for everyone who participate. JJ is going to change his clothes. Hi 5 now. (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Jaejoong is going to backstage to change his wardrobe for group photos (40 people in a group) & hi-5 session (via @sundaymandarin)
  • At the moment, Jaejoong is really not in a good condition. He’s got a fever now (via @sundaymandarin)
  • Jaejoong is feverish. MC said don’t use so much power. Jaejoong ah >.< hwaiting!!! (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Jaejoong dedication for his fans in Jakarta is AWESOME! He is really.. T_T *crying* (via @KoreanUpdates)
  • Photo Session

  • Jaejoong is on stage now!! He is sitting in the middle with 40 people on a group to take a photo (via @sundaymandarin)
  • Indonesian’s custom is to shake hand, not hi5. Jaejoong fighting! lockerz.com/s/258567489 (via @putiramli)

  • Fans screaming so loud when Jaejoong grabs a little girl hand to make a ‘V’ http://lockerz.com/s/258568904 (via @putiramli)
  • Just got back from hi5!! He is SOOO CUTE. there was this little girl sitting next to him & he took her hand & made it into a V >_< (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Jaejoong is very patient. At first it was hi5 but it turned to handshake. But JJ didn’t really mind. But now it changes to hi5 again. (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Jaejoong is looking tired now. He must take photo in the middle stage, then going to the right stage for Hi-5 repeatly  (via @sundaymandarin)
  • Hmm he looks really tired now but he’s still smiling (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Fans now know how fever has got in to him. Some of them are crying. Get well soon JJ (via @putiramli)
  • Jaejoong is getting weak. He is sweating. http://lockerz.com/s/258571106  (via @putiramli)
  • Some fans still tried to shake hands very tight. He looks so tired now!!!!!  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • Thank you Jaejoong for coming here despite your illness ;____;  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • I’m so touched with Kim Jaejoong! Even he is not in a good condition, he always smile.. Such a great idol. Get well soon (via @sundaymandarin)
  • The girl beside us fainted after handshake with JJ :(   (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • He looks so tired. :( … He went backstage for a while.  (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • So many fans still waiting to take photo. JJ fighting!!!! (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • This hi5 & photo session was requested by Jaejoong himself. Jaejoong-ah… (via @KJJ_INA)
  • For info, Group Photo & Hi-5 sessions are personal requests from Kim Jaejoong himself to apologise Indonesian fans (via @sundaymandarin)
  • Someone give JJ water. He sits for photo then stands for high five. Repeat n times. (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • JJ drinks water, fans scream, he asked why. Then shyly laughed lol (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • Security asked him if he’s ok. He said I’m ok. (via @rubypurple_fan)

  • We’ll always love you, Kim Jae Joong pic.twitter.com/E5FlH1yt  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • The last photo group! Thanks KJJ! ♥ http://twitpic.com/ba04hz (via @Onedaymicky)
  • JJ apologized to fans that he can’t speak. In another time I will be more prepared. Thank you. (via @Onedaymicky)
  • The very last moment. Thank you Kim Jaejoong! http://twitpic.com/ba065a (via @Onedaymicky)

  • The Fanmeeting has officially ended!  (via @Onedaymicky)
  • @mjjeje Today we learn what is the real meaning of sacrifice THANK YOU #JaejoongPleaseGetWellSoon  (via @KJJ_INA)
  • @mjjeje Even you cant speak we can hear your voice Jaejoong-ah its come from your hearts, smile and your eyes#JaejoongPleaseGetWellSoon  (via @KJJ_INA)

Credit: KJJ_INA + rubypurple_fan + @sundaymandarin + @putiramli + @KoreanUpdates + @Onedaymicky
Shared by: JYJ3


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