[INDONESIA NEWS] 121104 Kim Jaejoong Success Held Fanmeeting Without Sound in Jakarta

Annisa Steviani – detikhot

Jakarta, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong successfully hold a fan meeting ”Kim Jaejoong 1st Asia Fanmeeting in Jakarta’ in Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (3/11/2012). Throughout the show, Jaejoong did not say a word.

Jaejoong currently in sick condition. Before flying to Indonesia, he was rushed to the Emergency Unit of the hospital. Jaejoong’s throat stated have a problem and he can’t speak a word. Kim Jaejoong success held fanmeeting without sound in Jakarta.

During the fan meeting, Jaejoong used a tablet for answer the questions to the MC. Jaejoong is a Man who born in January, 26, 1986, looked very ill and weak. He occasionally smiled.

Fan meeting opened with a talk about the latest movie which starring Jaejoong with Song Ji Hyo ‘Jackal is Coming’ Also shown for the first time in the world the video of behind of scene from that movie. Looks Ji Hyo were joking and messaging Jaejoong shoulder in between filming. Reactions of hysterical Fans were unstoppable.

“I feel bad because i have to write using iPad and can’t talk. Now I’m jealous of the MC and the translator because you can talk and joke with the fans,” Jaejoong wrote in the tablet helped by the translator.

But precisely because Jaejoong wasn’t speaking, it makes fans even more curious. Even though he just smiled, it’s already makes the audiences became so hysterical. They repeatedly chanted ‘it’s okay’ in Korean “gwaenchana!”

After the ‘Jackal is coming’, piece of favorite scenes from two drama which starring by Jaejoong ‘Dr Jin’ and ‘ Protect The Boss’ was shown. From the story of ‘Dr Jin’, topic about father was discussed, Jaejoong also shared a story about his father.

“when still young,scared of the father because his father was too protect and he’s kind of strict. But now it’s like a friends”. said Jaejoong.

The chat session should be interspersed by Jaejoong to sing. But due his health condition which not possible, finally whole of the audience singing it together. Soundtrack drama ‘Dr Jin’ titled “Living Like A dream’ was sung along with a video guides along with the lyrics on the giant screen which placed in the right, mid and left the stage.

Around 21.00 p.m a fan meeting event was completed. Closed with a video project contain with a collection of photos from fans.

As compensation for the absence of his voice, Jaejoong finally did a group photo with each of the group contain of 40 people. Then those people shook hands with jaejoong before leaving the stages. According the MC, Jaejoong himself requested the Group Photos and shakes hands session with fans.

No less than 2 hours, Jaejoong finished group photos and shook hands with about 3000 fans who attended. Not least among those who cry after shook hands with Jaejoong. Thank you Jaejoong.

Source: hot.detik.com
Credit: Miya of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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