[NEWS] 121103 Jaejoong meets with fans in Indonesia despite suffering from a severe sore throat

JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently spent an enjoyable time with 4,000 fans in Jakarta, Indonesia despite a bad cold that left him hardly able to speak.

Due to a cold he was suffering, it’s been reported that he was unable to attend the press conference he had originally planned on holding. However, despite not feeling well and his throat being in bad shape, the singer showed his fighting spirit and his dedication to his fans as he insisted on holding the fan meeting as scheduled.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “A day before leaving for Indonesia, Kim Jaejoong had caught a cold that affected his throat and was advised by the doctor to get rest. Thus, we discussed cancelling or postponing the event, but Jaejoong insisted on meeting with fans who had been waiting for him for a long time.”

Although he was in a state where he could hardly speak, Jaejoong attended the fan meeting held on the 3rd at Mata Elang International Stadium, and was able to communicate with fans through ‘text talk’ and also hand wrote a letter to his fans which was read and translated by the host of the event, touching the hearts of fans.

As he couldn’t sing for his fans, he shook hands with all the fans in attendance and took photos with them to commemorate the occasion.

The singer stated through his hand written letter, “I feel so bad that I’m not sure what to say. I pondered [on this event] due to the bad condition of my throat because of a bad cold. However, I thought that I should create memories up close with everyone. Indonesia is a place that we haven’t been able to visit often, so I’m thankful that even from far away many of you show me and JYJ so much love. I think I am such a blessed and happy person to be sitting here.”

C-JeS assured fans not to worry as they stated, “As soon as Jaejoong gets back to Korea, we’ll be making sure he gets plenty of rest to allow for recovery.”

The singer will be concluding his Asia fan meeting tour with the last event in Vietnam on the 10th.

Source: Alllkpop

[NEWS] 121104 JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Holds Fanmeeting in Indonesia Despite Losing His Voice

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong had a great time with 4,000 of his fans in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Although he found it hard to speak because he was sick with a bad cold, he still stood onstage to keep his promise with his fans.

Kim Jae Joong′s agency C-JeS Entertainment told enews on November 4, “Kim Jae Joong came down with a bad cold on the day before he was to leave for Indonesia, and the doctor recommended that he rest for a while. We talked about postponing or cancelling the event, but Kim Jae Joong insisted that we should proceed with the fanmeeting for those fans who have waited for a long time.”

On November 3 (local time), Kim Jae Joong managed to talk with his fans in Jakarta through a ′text talk′ despite his bad throat, and had his MC read out a letter he had written. He seemed to feel sorry that he couldn′t sing, and instead shook hands with everyone at the venue and took a group photo with them.

After the fanmeeting was over, he even presented each fan with candy.

Kim Jae Joong said in his letter, “I don′t know what to say because I′m so sorry. I thought a lot about [holding the event] because my throat wasn′t in a very good condition from the cold. Still, I wanted to share more memories with you by stepping closer to you. I haven′t been to Indonesia often, and I thank you for loving me and JYJ from so far away. I′m a very happy person, sitting here like this. Today, let′s have the best time ever in our own way.”

The singer′s first visit to Indonesia drew about 1,000 fans to the airport, and tickets for his fanmeeting sold out in a fairly short time after they were made available.

Eva, a fan who attended the fanmeeting, said, “I understand that he can′t sing because he′s sick, and I′m very worried. I′m thankful that he kept his promise with his Indonesian fans even though he′s not in top condition. I was touched at the handwritten letter, the handshake event and the photo shoot. This is the happiest day of my life.”

Maria, another fan, said, “Is there any other singer that loves his fans this much? Although he didn′t say anything, Kim Jae Joong and we were thankful for and sorry toward each other. The way he worked so hard despite his illness was so beautiful. I′m so happy to be Kim Jae Joong′s fan.”

“As soon as he returns [to Korea], Kim Jae Joong plans to rest and take care of himself in order to recover,” a source from C-JeS Enertainment said.

Kim Jae Joong will wrap up his Asia fanmeeting tour with a fanmeeting in Vietnam on November 10.

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 C-JeS Entertainment
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