[NEWS] 121103 Kim Jaejoong Checks In To Hospital Instead of Attending Presscon in Jakarta

According to SH entertainment representative, Kim Jaejoong can’t attend the press conference due to his health. It was reported that fatigue has struck Kim Jaejoong even before his flight to Indonesia, but he insisted to attend his very 1st fan meeting in Indonesia although he’s not feeling well.  He was admitted to hospital as soon as he arrived in Indonesia.  He also developed a cold and was probably overwhelmed with fatigue.

The representative said that his fatigue was caused mostly because of Kim Jaejoong’s busy schedule, which was previously occupied with activities for the drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” from May through August, and then continuously he was scheduled to meet his fans in four countries in Asia, including China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The representative ended saying “Kim Jaejoong is really feeling sorry to all the fans who came, so he want to give his best even with his bad condition.  He hopes fans could understand with his condition now who can’t talk at all. Once again he sent his apology to all his fans.”

The press conference ended without the presence of Kim Jaejoong.

At the fan meeting in the MEIS-ANCOL in Jakarta, Kim Jaejoong showed his love for his fans by continuing with the event, even when his voice was failing him.  He conversed with the fans and the translators by passing notes high-tech style via iPad.

While Jaejoong had to miss the press conference, his time with fans was even more so valued as a surprise High-5 and photo session was announced to be included a few hours before the event.

The event attracted about 3,000 fans in the audience, some of which have travelled from Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, and was really memorable for those who attended.

Reporters : Henna (naraejoha), Mahanani A (JYJFamilyINA) | Photographer: Tuti JYJFamilyIna

Credits: kpopstarz
Shared by: JYJ3


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