[PIC + TRANS] 121103 Jaejoong’s Apology Letter for Indonesia Fanmeeting


Indonesian fans..

This is the first time I’m having a fan meeting in Indonesia, yet it turns out I will speak not through my voice but through letters. Firstly, with an apologetic heart, I’m not sure what to say.. 
The day before coming here, I suddenly lost my voice so I was scared and frightened. I was worried about what I should say to everyone…I’m sorry. 
I should be talking lots, crying, laughing, and singing for you all. 
So…I concluded that I should make great memories with everyone at a closer distance.. I’m not sure if the amount of talking and singing will be lacking, but if you can understand, I will be grateful..
This is a far place that I can’t frequently come to yet so many fans give me and JYJ so much love, and despite me and JYJ not being able to always see it, thank you for giving us your support. 
The me who is sitting in this seat right now, I’m a really fortunate guy right?^^ 
It’s been a while since I’ve written a letter like this.. 
In this unfortunate event of me losing my voice.. surely, with an apologetic and thankful heart, we must be feeling happy right?
For the sake of each other, because we love. 
For the precious ‘us’ and me, Kim Jaejoong, I will gain more strength and show everyone a better me in the future. 
Furthermore, everyone…I will make everyone laugh more than I have up until now. 

It may be hard but today, let’s have the best time with a method exclusive to us.

                                                                        – JJ –


Fans in Indonesia..

I have the first fanmeeting in Indonesia but I’m telling by a letter, not my voice.. 
First of all, I don’t know how to tell because I feel so sorry..

Before I came here, I had lost my voice all of sudden.. I was so afraid and scared.. 
So I was concerned.. how I can explain this.. So sorry

I should tell a lot and.. laugh and cry with you.. And I should sing good songs for you.. 
So… I decided to make memories with you at more closer distance due to this kind of sorriness.. 

I think that many talk and songs won’t be enough but please understand it.. 

I couldn’t come here often.. and here is the place far from Korea.. 
But many fans love me & JYJ.. and give the support us even if you’re in a far place.. 
Thank you so much about all these things… 

I’m really happy man who is sitting right here.. right?^^

It’s been a long time to write this kind of letter.. 

Despite the bad situation to lost my voice.. perhaps we feel happy with feeling thankful & sorry..
Because we’re caring for each other, love each other.. 

I’ll try to do my best to show more and better look for precious ‘us’ and me.. (‘us’ means fans)
You can smile much more than now.. 

It should be hard… but let’s make the best time in our own way.


Pic Credit: @rizzuku
Korean Transcription: @jjjelove
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu + @theyoungestmin (Other Trans)
Shared by: JYJ3


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