TRANS] 121106 Interview With Kim JaeJoong in Jakarta, Indonesia

Q : How do you feel when you came to Indonesia for the first time ?
Kim Jaejoong : A member of JYJ some time ago had a concert and meeting, I heard that Indonesia was very good so i also wanted to came here. Jakarta is a great city. The atmosphere really similar with Seoul so i felt familiar.
This is my first time for visit Indonesia, but thank you for accepting me very well. Although yesterday many of fans who came to greet me in Airport but because of a security reason, i can’t greet them (the fans). I want to gift a happy time at a fanmeeting !.

Q : What exactly are you doing in Hongkong last week ? we heard about the making of the MV, is that true ?
Kim Jaejoong : Yes, it became my junior first debut who really talented, Baek Seung Hun. In the title song “Until the Sun Rises” i wrote the lyrics and starred the music video in Hongkong. In order to Seung hun to achieve his dream, i wanted to help him as much as i can.

Q : What is your best moment in 2012 ?
Kim Jaejoong : Every day in 2012 is a valuable day. when i do the press interview at this time, when i was on a plane to Jakarta, as while as where i’ll do a fan meeting tomorrow, will be a something that will never be forgotten. as a singer i am already ever done a tour to South America, as an actor i have been acting in a colossal drama and movie for the first time. Whether it’s while doing a tour, a drama and a movie, because i did it together with the fans, (it) feels became a more valuable memories !

Q : Now you are already became a singer which is very famous, if you can turn back the time, you want to be ? Do you still want to be a singer or maybe just an actor ?
Kim Jaejoong : Since childhood, my dream is to become a singer. But at that moment, that dream is only a wishful thinking. Even though i continued to sing, but the target to be a singer really doesn’t exist. As times goes by i am just want to walking more higher again. The dream that i had from childhood was to be a singer, and an actor is a dream that greater today. The question to choosing between being a singer or an actor is the most difficult question, if (i) born again will i still like now, became a singer first and not an act ?^^.

Q : Jaejoong now has steeped in the world of acting and has became a successful actor. Are you going continue to act and what (the thing) that we can roughly expect/ see in the future ? 
Kim Jaejoong : In Korea, I already played in two dramas and one movie. Today (the thing) that i feel important is to multiply the experience and trying a different characters. I want to be an actor who can show a variety of appearances. Like in Dr Jin, my role is as a strong police officer while in the movie, ‘Jackal is Coming’ my role is comical and clumsy.
Every entrusted to hold the different characters i think (it’s) just like wearing different clothes. Let we work hard to be an actor who can show a variety of appearances!.

Q : Some time ago you accepted a role in ‘Jackal is Coming’ . Can you explain more about the role that you play ?
Kim Jaejoong : In the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’, top star ‘Choi Hyun’ experiencing an abduction by an assassin who later experienced a lot of events and displayed comically. Although i am a little embarrassed to say it but the role that entrusted to me is the role of a top star ‘Choi Hyun’.^^

Q : In ‘Jackal is Coming’, why you are accept the role ?
Kim Jaejoong : In ‘Jackal is Coming’, the role of ‘Choi Hyun’ as a top star who is recognized as the most fabulous Hallyu star surely look perfect from the outside. But actually (his) character is very ordinary, i feel the human nature that is in the character is interesting.

Q : Is JYJ planning to release the album in Korea this year ?
Kim Jaejoong : I can’t say (it) for sure but it looks like there are gonna be something new around next year.

Q : You are so busy with a fan meeting, Junsu with his solo concert, and Yoochun with his drama. When was the last time the three of you get together ? 
Kim Jaejoong : Because the three of us busy, therefore, a lot of time that where we can’t meet each other. However, we met on the set of an ads or on the sideline of the schedule!. Just the day before yesterday we met in an ad campaign two days ago !. If the three of us meet, it feels always fun. Really like a siblings.

Q : You have a lot of fans from around the world, is there anything that you want to say to them ?
Kim Jaejoong : In 2011-2012 ago, it feels that the ‘world tour’ is getting bigger. Asia, North America, South America, until Europe to meet directly with the fans from a variety places around the world is very delightful. And i always grateful to you!

Q : How do you feel able to greet the fans in Indonesia through this fan meeting ? what the meaning of ‘fans’ for you ?
Kim Jaejoong : A while ago i am also ever said this in fan meeting. ’ the fans are my sources of happiness’ what i said is true. Everything that is in my memory, was conducted together with the fans. When happy and sad ^^. This is my first visit to Indonesia, thank you for welcoming me warmly! I hope on the fan meeting tomorrow, everyone can spending a fun time with me! ^^.

Source:  SH Entertainment Indonesia via creativedisc
Translated by: Miya of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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