[OTHER TWITTER] 121108 Jin Yihan & LeeU with Jaejoong at “Jackal VIP Premiere”

[TRANS] Came back from the premiere of “Jackal Is Coming”^^ Although Jaejungie had went through a lot while filming the drama in parallel together with the movie, it is a fun and enjoyable movie!!! Please show a lot of love for Jackal Is Coming!!! All the actors and actresses had also worked hard!! Seunghyun. Jaejung. Yihan. Sehong. ^^


[TRANS] Came back from Jackal-rie~~We also got together!♥+_+ Jackal was to~~tally fun


[TRANS] Jackal Is Coming ㅡ We came too !! kekekeke Left bursting out laughing ㅡ November 15th is the premiere release of Jackal Is Coming!!!! Best wishes for it to hit the jackpot!!!! Anyhow I’m helpless with these three no mannered guys.. ㅠㅠ

Credit: YiHan_Jin + LUsyndrome + JeonSeHong
Translated by: @neonoenjena (123)
Shared by: JYJ3


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