[TRANS] 121110 Jaejoong’s Press Conference for his Vietnam Fanmeet

The press conference was a closed event; only reporters and media personnel were allowed in.


Q1: This is your 2nd time in Vietnam, what do you feel [about the country]?

JJ: My previous trip to Vietnam was for a charity football game, but this time I got to come to meet fans. I could feel atmosphere and the fans’ love more this 2nd time around. I am very please and happy with this/to be here.

Q2: Between love, family, friends, or work–which would you choose?

JJ: This is a hard question to answer. For me, I would choose work because every time I work, my family, friends, and lover can see me whenever I appear.

Q3: What is your impression of the Vietnamese fans when you arrived?

JJ: This is the first time I come to Vietnam for other purposes*, so I want to create a greater(/fresh) impression of Vietnamese fans. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of memories when I return to Korea.
(*T/N: other than work-related like singing [a.k.a. he was able to come to freely = he doesn’t think fanmeetings as work-related for him])

Q4: For this fan meeting, what is there special for Vietnamese fans who have been waiting for 7 years?

JJ: I have very carefully prepared before coming to Vietnam [about what to do]. There will be a lot of fun things planned and I’ll sing for the fans. Because in Indonesia, due to me being sick, therein I had to use an iPad to communicate with my fans.

Q5: Have you tried eating Vietnamese food yet and what do you think of it?

JJ: I really liked eating Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in South Korea. Having come to Vietnam, I’ve eaten it 2 times already in one day; my face has swollen up from eating too much [of it].

Q6: Will JYJ hold a world tour after a new album CD release?

JJ: “Of course!”

Q7: Any future plans in your personal life? /
Can you share a little about what going on in your life right now?

(T/N: The question differs a little between the 2 articles)

JJ: I am preparing work for music, films, TV; I have a lot of plans [in progress]. /
I’m preparing for an upcoming new film release and new TV (drama). I also still intend to keep working on my music.

Q8: When do you plan to get married?

JJ: Since I was young, I thought I’ll already be married but I’m not right now; I’m still young, I’m just 27 years old. I still have time to experience love more later. / I still have a lot to do, therefore [my] love story has to be for some time later.

After answering the marriage question, Jaejoong got shy~ ^///^


Afterwards, Jaejoong posed for pictures and left to head to SECC [to further prepare for his fan meeting]

one of the reporters who attended the press conference

Credits: 2sao.vn + tiin
Summarized by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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